Do you have trouble managing your security devices by yourself? When malfunctions occur, does it cost too much time and money to find installers immediately? Are you tired of explaining everything to them over and over?


Now you can assign limited permissions to your installer or security service provider so they can help manage your devices added on Hik-Connect, provide maintenance remotely, and let you get back to work. All the services offered by installers are granted only with your authorization, so you can focus on more important projects with confidence that someone you trust is taking care of your security systems. 



Operational efficiency


Remote services, such as remote device configuration, regular maintenance, and firmware upgrades can be delivered without complex operations, which greatly improves communication efficiency with your installers and reduces your own workload.


Guaranteed flexibility and reliability


Hik-Connect offers ways to get more done, and ensures that you retain complete control over your devices.

  • You can manage rights and duration, defining and limiting which function installers have permission to access
  • You do not need to give your account password to installers
  • You will receive notifications and view installers’ operation logs in real time

Instant troubleshooting


With your authorization, installers can identify security issues and provide support for timely troubleshooting. Device alerts help even more when you unlock services on Hik-Connect.

(More services such as proactive operation and remote maintenance are available; please contact your installer for details.)


Expanded linkage


Unlock intelligent, cross-device linkage, connecting intrusion alarms with a siren, camera recording, or footage of unusual activity and more. (For these great functions, please contact your installer.)

How to authorize your installers

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  • Ask your installer for his/her Hik-ProConnect email account.
  • Share devices with your installers and wait for him/her to accept
  • Ask your installer for his/her Hik-ProConnect email account.
  • Share devices with your installers and wait for him/her to accept

Frequently asked questions


Can installers view my video clips?


Installers can not access any of your videos without your permission. You can assign permissions to designated installers to ensure only authorized persons can preview, play back or download specified videos. Also, you can set the service duration so installers have no access outside of that time.


What information can installers see when they help manage my devices?


After getting the authorization but without further permissions to manage, preview or play back footage, installers can only see basic information such as your Hik-Connect account name, managed device names, types, serial numbers, and status (online/offline). Once installers are allowed to configure your devices, they can inspect and adjust your configuration information, including time settings, video recording plans, and image parameters, within a certain time limit.


*When you unlock the proactive maintenance service, installers are allowed to view the health status of your managed devices and receive real-time device alerts. Proactive health monitoring includes inspecting the status of storage disks or SD devices, network connection, and battery operation

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