24/7 care for your day-to-day operations

With limited budgets and few hands, owners of small businesses are always searching for clever ways to improve their security, versatility, and cost-efficiency. Apart from protecting brick-and-mortar establishments, small business owners also look to reduce their operational risks, guarantee service quality, and secure their ROI. 


This is no easy job. But have you heard? With some really cool technologies from Hikvision operating automatically, 24 hours a day, you have all you need to take better care of your business today.

Meet cool security technologies


Talk to visitors and open the door – remotely


Every business owner is a multitasker, stretched in all directions to make sure everything works the way it needs to. Good innovation, like our MinMoe Face Recognition Terminal, extends your eyes, ears, and access control at all times. You can talk to your visitors and even open the door remotely while you are focusing on other tasks. You can also use a MinMoe terminal as a super-efficient contact-free time & attendance solution.


Learn more about MinMoe Face Recognition Terminal

Get accurate trespass alarms with AI


Fed up with false alarms triggered by falling leaves and headlights? Then count on our AcuSense Technology to keep you notified of real threats only. It triggers accurate trespass alarms for persons, vehicles, or both, depending on your settings. Embedded either in a security camera or a video recorder, the technology uses a single AI chip to take your perimeter protection to a whole new level. 


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Warn or inform with light and sound


You and your security personnel can’t stay vigilant at every second. But when equipped with our Live Guard Function, our security cameras can. Live-Guard-enabled cameras automatically ward off uninvited guests and trespassers with light and sound before they even enter your site or building. Moreover, you can customize audio messages to be broadcasted via your security cameras, for example, as friendly reminders.


Arm the alarm system with one tap


You may have installed alarm equipment from various vendors over the years. They work fine independently, but are separately managed and don’t offer the synergy of a complete system. Take a look at our AX PRO Wireless Alarm System – it offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor detectors at your disposal, with the freedom to link them with other Hikvision devices. Enjoy the ease of arming or disarming your alarm system with a single tap!


Learn more about AX PRO Wireless Alarm System

View in color, even in darkness


Darkness is the perfect cover for vandals and burglars…right? Not in our case! With our flagship ColorVu Technology for low-light imaging, security cameras render vivid color and detail in dim light, even down to 0.0005 lux – the equivalent of starlight on a moonless night. Whenever you access your ColorVu-enabled camera to check for activities on your site, you see it in color, even during dark hours.


Learn more about ColorVu Technology

Stay informed on the go


The ability to check in remotely is imperative, especially when you are out and about, and don’t want to miss anything important. Simply install the Hik-Connect App on your smartphone to connect and communicate with security devices on your premises. Enjoy full access to real-time video feeds, instant event notifications, and more – even when you are lying on a beach or sitting on your sofa.


Learn more about Hik-Connect App

Pro Series with AcuSense

Empowered by deep learning algorithm, Hikvision Pro series network cameras with AcuSense detect and recognize people and vehicle targets. Select models can also perform strobe light and audio alarm for on-site response in real time.

Turbo HD DVRs with AcuSense

Based on deep learning technology, Turbo HD DVRs with AcuSense focus on human bodies and vehicles, liberating users from time-consuming browsing and searching.

Turbo HD Cameras with ColorVu

With the new ColorVu Technology, Turbo HD cameras with ColorVu render clear images at 0.0005 lux, providing critical surveillance in ultra low-light scenarios. With this technology, cameras can now provide round-the-clock vivid color imaging.

Face Recognition Modules for Turnstile

The MinMoe Face Recogntion Modules for Turnstile can easily integrate with turnstiles to provide the user with a complete access solution. The integrated terminal-turnstile solution is particularly useful for commercial buildings, banks and so on.

Pro Series with AcuSense

Based on deep learning technology, Hikvision Pro series NVRs with AcuSense are able to analyze and classify human and vehicle targets from video streams, as well as to enable efficient video searching by target type.


Pro Series with ColorVu

With F1.0 large aperture and advanced sensor, Hikvision Pro series cameras with ColorVu produce colorful and sharp videos with clear details in most scenarios. For zero-light environments, the camera is equipped with white light to compensate and ensure colorful videos.


Simplicity through innovation. By proposing dual-chip technology, the AX PRO Hub ensures the data transmission stable and reliable. And equipped with Hikvision’s IVaaS  technology, it supports flexible linkage with IP cameras or PIRCAMs.

Hik-Connect App

Available on PC and mobile devices, has been designed to help small businesses and households effectively operate and manage security devices remotely. 

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