What's H.265+?


An intelligent algorithm self-developed by Hikvision that can greatly decrease the bitrate of video based on a standard H.265 codec. Hikvision's H.265+ is such an optimized video encoding technology based on the standard H.265/ High efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) format. 


With H.265+, video quality nearly matches that of H.265/HEVC but reduces the transmission bandwidth and storage capacity required, due to three key technologies — prediction encoding, noise suppression, and flexible bitrate control.


It demonstrates incredible improvements in bandwidth reduction, data storage efficiency, and video content analyses. 

What does Hikvision offer?

H.265 vs H.264 image quality comparison

To limit bitrate from ultra-HD video streams, Hikvision's H.265+ encoding technology employs about 32.4% of the bitrate of H.265 on average (according to Hikvision H.265+ Encoding Technology White Paper). As the bitrate of recorded footage is greatly reduced, bandwidth and storage costs are reduced as well.

H.265+ is optimized for surveillance scenarios with the following features