Hikvision’s Signal Control Systems allow traffic lights to be coordinated to keep traffic flowing as freely as possible. They consume data from traffic guidance systems to understand where traffic is building up at an intersection. To do this, intelligent traffic cameras count vehicles that cross an intersection as well as detect the length of vehicle queues there. The cameras feed the Signal Control Systems traffic data in real time.


Based on this data, traffic lights can be coordinated automatically to even out the traffic flow, giving traffic more or less priority, as needed, by extending or reducing the time available to cross the intersection. This helps speed up journeys, reduces drivers’ frustration and eliminates the need for manual intervention by police when traffic builds up in one direction.


Signal Control

Traffic Signal Controllers help to optimize the order of road traffic signals, adjust traffic light (red or green) cycle lengths, and control the operation of road traffic lights, so as to make full use of road resources and alleviate congestion.