Why choose Hikvision

True-to-Life Display


Pix Master Pixel Control Technology


Proprietary image processing technology enhances image clarity without loss of detail.


Top Grayscale


The 22-bit top grayscale brings you a wider range of color grades.


Easy to Use


Powerful LED Controller


  • Up to 4096 x 2160 @ 60 Hz with dual-signal backup
  • Convenient one-click system upgrades on the EZVIZ cloud
  • Up to four 4K self-splicing without a video wall controller


Convenient Remote Control


Convenient control with the remote controller, including adjustment of display modes & signal source switches, brightness level, automatic dehumidification, and blue light filtering.


Easy Installation and Maintenance


Quick Front Maintenance


Wireless front maintenance tool quickly removes LED modules for maintenance of internal electronic components.


Automatic Dehumidification


One-click automatic dehumidification

Extend LED lifespan and reduce broken lights by 30%

High quality hardware
Application scenarios
product categories
Indoor Fine Pixel LED Displays

LED display with small pixel pitch, high refresh rate, and top grayscale, and is suitable for indoor scenarios like conference room, control center, commercial display, etc.

Outdoor Fixed LED Displays

LED display with big pixel pitch, high brightness, and IP65 protection, and is suitable for outdoor scenarios like outdoor advertising, outdoor information releasing, etc.

LED Control Cards

Hikvision provides LED control cards with powerful capability and rich functions: 4K@60Hz, 4*4K self splicing, dehumidification, remote control, etc.

Rental LED Displays

LED display which supports quick assemble and disassemble, and is suitable for temporary LED display applications like concerts, sports activities, etc.

Service & support

Logistics and Transportation
  • Vacuum packaging

          Vacuum packaging effectively prevents moisture in transit


  • Sturdy shipping crates

          Strong, stable, well-labeled boxes provide detailed instructions for reliable shipping


Warranty Service 
  • Online technical support service 

Remote technical guidance provided over telephone, mail, and other instant media helps resolve simple and common problems – and it’s free.


  • RMA center return and repair service 

For problems that cannot be solved remotely, return service to the  RMA center is available (upon confirmation with Hikvision).


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