Remote fixing, so you don’t have to

Remote fixing, so you don’t have to

kwietnia 14, 2021


Any small business owner or entrepreneur will tell you that a major part of building a business is juggling many different tasks and responsibilities. Many of these are not part of the individuals skill set, so this can be especially tricky. At a certain point, this is where an ‘expert’ comes in – someone that can take a certain task away from this overfull plate. Remote fixing is becoming sought after in a constant drive to cram more into a day.


One of these responsibilities is security. Everyone wants their business and people to be safe, and protect what they work so hard to build. But not everyone is able to deal with security systems if they go wrong – or even if they go right!  Time and knowledge constraints can combine to make even a simple fix a bigger issue, or even a business threat.


Some businesses go down the route of using a monitoring service to deal with security. This means they don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on their premises, safe in the knowledge that it’s being taken care of. However, this only works if the technology being used is reliable.


Separate systems can be used to monitor individual devices, but who has time to check them all? It’s important to be able to see a whole solution, from the access control device at the door, to the alarm system and CCTV devices. 


Spotting faults

What if a device in your security system has a fault? Most busy entrepreneurs would not even notice if there was anything wrong immediately. So there could be a gap in their security for a considerable amount of time until they have noticed it, and get around to calling someone in to fix it.


This is where smart system like Hik-ProConnect, Hikvision’s convergent security service solution, come in. An entrepreneur can give an installer access to their security system directly. The system status can then be constantly monitored, using a clear Health Monitoring Dashboard showing the status of all the devices in a solution. This is automatically refreshed every 30 minutes and can send an alert to the installer when there are faults. This means they can act much more quickly to fix the problems, reducing the amount of time the system is vulnerable. The installer uses an intuitive web interface and mobile app, meaning individual installers can see their own tasks, and the management team can oversee service.




With Hik-ProConnect, a wide variety of devices can be included in the system. So whether the wifi doorbell is not ringing, or your access door is not letting people in, it’s all covered. Maybe there’s a glitch in the camera facing your door, or the NVR recording your footage. They can all be included in a solution overseen by Hik-ProConnect.

Remote fix

Sometimes the fixes can even be done remotely too, so it’s even quicker. In fact, it might be that a busy entrepreneur is not even aware of the problem until after it’s fixed. Of course, they also have access to the information and can be alerted through the Hik-Connect app on their own smart phone. But the whole point of a system like this is that the entrepreneur can leave the responsibility of fixing this to the experts that do this every day.


Remote device parameter configuration is also supported, for example, enabling an installer to adjust video parameters and configure VCA rules. This means the entrepreneur does not need to worry about getting an installer to the premises to make these changes. 


Of course, with remote access comes privacy concerns. The system is designed with privacy in mind – installers will only be able to ‘see’ an end-user’s system if the end-user themselves agree to that. With GDPR regulations in force throughout Europe, its important installer companies understand this and weave it into their processes.


Sometimes it’s not possible to do it all. With the help of smart system and processes, entrepreneurs can leave the maintenance of their security system, at least, to the experts. Which means they have more time to do what they do best – building their business.