At sea, Marine CCTV systems are a great help offering a real-time view on the bridge during maneuvering and berthing/unberthing operations.


Risks and complexity of threats like piracy, smuggling, and terrorism requires instant view around the vessel to determine the actions to be taken in case of threat. In case situations escalate the camera streams should be available from multiple locations like the citadel, and even to be able to stream over low bandwidth satellite connections. While CCTV supports daily operations it also offers a lot of information during investigation of incidents during sailing and loading/unloading the vessel.


Hikvision’s ecosystem offers solutions based on traditional coax cabling as well as modern low latency IP technology. The IP backbone offers a flexible use of multi site live view and a reliable recording solution. The system fully supports viewing the video streams on any PC and even tablets/smart phones can be used to give the captain instant access to the streams from his private cabin.


Our thermal technology can also give the great advantage of seeing in complete darkness. It can also be used to monitor temperatures to prevent fire - a great risk especially in maritime.


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 Fire Prevention


Fire is extremely dangerous, especially on a seafaring vessel. With thermal imaging technology, it’s possible to detect rising temperatures and to generate an alarm, even before a fire has broken out. This way the crew can react immediately, preventing a potential fire.