Today's retailers are faced with various challenges

While retailers are figuring out how to stop shoplifters and shrinkage, they also have to make sure customers have a great in-store experience. And they often run several stores across dispersed locations. Conventional measures and practices are no longer up to par for more complex demands on security and smarter, more flexible business operations and staff management.


Minimize security risks & shrinkage


Security is one of the basic yet crucial topics for store management. But improving your security system is more than just protecting store assets from shoplifting or trespassing. It also means creating a safe and relaxing environment for your customers to shop in. Hikvision's solution makes the security of retail business more intelligent – with advanced applications to cope with various security risks.


Maximize business & experience


During times of uncertainty, data is king, as long as you use it to drive your next moves. The key of smart retail is data and innovations around data. Apart from the data from the CRM and POS systems, you need to get more real-time data like customer footfalls, shopping preferences, and conversion rates, and then gain insights from the data to optimize store operations and provide better services.

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