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Hikvision offers a wealth of high-quality LED Displays to meet various scenarios, such as Indoor LEDs, Outdoor LEDs, Rental LEDs, Transparent LEDs, LED Poster Displays, and more. Supported by advanced technologies like HDR10, PixMaster, and 16-bit color depth, Hikvision LED displays provide an ideal visual solution for every need.  Hikvision LED displays also feature remote control, optional dual power, signal redundancy, and auto-dehumidification with an all around user-friendly experience.

Product series & features

Supported with SMD, IMD, and COB encapsulation technologies, Hikvision indoor fine pitch LEDs provide the optimal help for various scenarios. You can get a fabulous visual enjoyment and convenient operation experience with patented image-improving technology and remote control function.

True-to-life display


Hikvision’s Indoor LEDs provide a stunning display every time. Enjoy a feast of color as the 22-bit top grey level provides a wider range of color grades, and never lose a single detail with Pix Master technology. Moreover, multiple color temperature modes suit a variety of scene applications – choose one to suit your taste with just one click.  

Dehumidification function 


With automatic dehumidification, Hikvision Indoor LEDs extend their lifespan well over traditional LEDs. What’s more, users get much more durability in a variety of environments such as high-precipitation regions, coastal areas, and rainy environments. By solving screen moisture problems, Hikvision Indoor LED broken light rates dropped by 30%.

Flexible remote control


Hikvision Indoor LEDs come with a remote control that features a wealth of adjustments, including input source, brightness, and more. This user-friendly feature means you can forget repeatedly switching out signal and component cables. Just sit back and enjoy the convenience.

Hikvision outdoor fixed LEDs apply to various commercial display scenarios. Whether you’re searching for high brightness, slim cabinet, full pixel pitch from P2.5 to P16, or IP65 rating for water and dust resistance, Hikvision outdoor fixed LEDs can meet all your needs.

Apart from traditional fixed LEDs, Hikvision also provides creative LEDs in different shape. With that advantage, Hikvision can satisfy personalized requirements, and set up excellent display system in various scenarios, like meeting room, buildings, and retail shops.

*Please note, not all LED models support the above functions / highlights. Please refer to the unique specifications of each model.

LED selection tool

Application scenarios

Service & support


Logistics and transportation


•   Vacuum packaging                                                             

Vacuum packaging effectively prevents moisture in transit       


•   Sturdy shipping crates                                     

Strong, stable, well-labeled boxes provide detailed instructions for reliable shipping


Warranty service


•   Online technical support service                                                             

Remote technical guidance provided over telephone, mail, and other instant media helps resolve simple and common problems – and it's free.   


•   RMA center return and repair service                                   

For problems that cannot be solved remotely, return service to the  RMA center is available (upon confirmation with Hikvision).

Display Performance


Installation and Maintenance



  • Pix Master Pixel Control
    Never lose a single detail

Proprietary image processing technology enhances image clarity without loss of detail.  

  • Top Gray Level
    Enjoy a feast of color

The 22-bit top grey level brings you a wider range of color grades.



  • One Click, Easy Control
    Rest easy and control remotely

Remote controller to meet all your needs, including adjustment of display modes & signal source switches, brightness level, automatic dehumidification and blue light filtering.



  • Automatic Dehumidification
    Intelligently extends lifespan 

Automatic dehumidification function light failures by 30% on average, effectively lengthening lifespan.


  • User-friendly Design
    Installation and maintenance made simple

Installation and maintenance are much easier now with floor-standing, wall-mounting and hoisting methods, and magnetic-front wireless module.


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Product Highlights

Dual Power Redundancy

  • Il design opzionale Dual power backup garantisce maggiore stabilità e affidabilità.

Convenient Front Maintenance

  • Tutti i moduli, gli alimentatori e l'elettronica/i cavi interni possono essere sostituiti dalla parte anteriore.
  • Migliora l'efficienza di installazione e manutenzione senza complicate configurazioni.

Color Temperature

  • Interruttore con un clic di modalità multiple di "temperatura colore" per adattarsi a varie applicazioni di scena.

Automatic Dehumidification

  • Deumidificazione automatica con un clic.
  • Risolve i problemi di umidità dello schermo, il tasso di luce rotto è diminuito del 30%.

Heat Dissipation for outdoor scenarios

  • Il cabinet in alluminio pressofuso migliora le prestazioni complessive di dissipazione del calore.
  • Il design a doppia ventola migliora la dissipazione del calore e lo scambio di calore.
  • L'aria più fredda entra nel cabinet attraverso l'ingresso dell'aria grazie alla pressione negativa nel cabinet.

Signal Dual Backup

  • Design di ingresso del segnale a due vie per il backup dello schermo LED tramite il controller LED.
  • Se c'è un problema con un segnale, l'altro ingresso si attiva automaticamente per far continuare il normale funzionamento.

Image Enhancement

  • Miglioramento della nitidezza dell'immagine senza perdita dei dettagli.
  • Ogni dettaglio è perfettamente identificabile.

Convenient Brightness Adjustment

  • La luminosità può essere facilmente regolata tramite telecomando, per adattarla all'illuminazione dell'ambiente.

Blue Light Filtering

  • Schermatura delle radiazioni blu per proteggere gli occhi.
  • Riducendo l’affaticamento visivo.

Waterproof Outdoor Cabinet

  • Protegge la parte anteriore e posteriore secondo lo standard IP65.

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