Empowered by Hikvision's self-developed motor control algorithms, access control technology, and intercom technologies, Hikvision speed gates and turnstiles offer a diversified product portfolio with impeccable quality, stability and durability, catering to the needs of various scenario.


Product highlights

Modern and sleek industrial design

Future-proof design speed gates and turnstiles delivers safer and more comfortable user experience with faster access and aesthetic pleasure, perfectly integrating into diverse application scenarios.

Flexible solutions for any scenario

A variety of products offer flexible combination of multiple authentication methods for your speed gates and turnstiles. When combined with built-in access control systems, users will enjoy one-stop entrance solution.

Easy set of passenger passing mode

The capability of customizing single or dual-way passing mode for different periods, as well as flexible set of easy / strict mode satisfies varied security level in different scenarios.

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  • • Remain Open
  • • Remain Closed
  • • Controlled
  • • Barrier-Free
  • • Inductive
  • • Remain Open
  • • Remain Closed
  • • Controlled
  • • Barrier-Free
  • • Inductive

Impeccable stability and durability

Empowered by industry-leading motor control algorithms, Hikvision's speed gates and turnstiles offer the best-in-class quality with extended lifespan. All products will undergo a number of tests at the Hikvision Test Center, including:

Third-party integration & great extensibility

Featuring easy integration with third-party software and hardware such as access controller, users can flexibly realize visitor and flow management.


Product categories

Barriere di oscillazione

Adjustable lane width, modern design, and IR&D Motor Control Algorithm

Tornello a tre bracci

Anti-tailing function, easy installation and maintenance

Fixed Base

Fast delivery & quick installation without ground construction

Flap Barriers

Fixed lane width, high passing efficiency

Full Height Turnstile

Top security level with high-standard anti-tailing function

Peripheral Products

Multiple choices of accessory combination for different scenarios

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