Hikvision’s IVaaS Technology links previously separated CCTV and intrusion alarm systems together in one platform, sending a 7-second video clip via email or app in the event of an alarm for timely confirmation – 5 seconds of footage pre-alarm, and 2 seconds post-alarm. The technology enables extracting live video streams directly from the alarm control panel, with which cameras are connected.


Removing the Guessing Game

Traditional intrusion alarm systems don’t have a verification process. Alarms can be triggered by causes other than actual intruders. Responding to these false alarms can place a huge burden on home or business owners. And, due to high false alarm rates, law enforcement officers simply cannot prioritize timely responses. Through a verification process, Hikvision’s IVaaS Technology removes the guessing game in determining what caused an intrusion.

Providing Video as Evidence

Many alarm verification solutions on the market rely on low-quality static imagery or video feeds to confirm alarms. These, however, provide little detail when it’s needed. Hikvision’s IVaaS Technology provides high-quality video clips as forensic evidence, making it easier to apprehend a suspected intruder and recover losses.


Storing Recorded Video Safely

Intruders tend to damage cameras and detection equipment to disable CCTV and alarm systems, eliminating any available evidence. By installing a discreet alarm control panel, Hikvision’s IVaaS Technology becomes vandal-proof. Even if the intruder damages the intrusion detector, the camera, or the power system, a video clip of the very moment will be streamed and stored safely at the control panel.

Hikvision’s IVaaS Technology gives you the benefit of a fail-safe, smart security system with fewer false alarms and more valuable information. It is expertly designed for integration with 3rd-party IP cameras and offers a wide array of applications in residential and SMB scenarios.


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