Motion Detection 2.0

Hikvision combines the widely applied motion detection function with deep-learning algorithms that differentiate humans and vehicles from other moving objects.


By minimizing false flags caused by animals, falling leaves, and heavy rain, and by maintaining vigilant alarm triggering, Motion Detection 2.0 enables business- and home-owners to focus their security resources on real threats.


Helpful and affordable Artificial Intelligence has come to the mass market and a diverse set of users. Read on to learn more. 

How does Motion Detection 2.0 work?

Hikvision Motion Detection 2.0 features human & vehicle target classification, easy configuration, and efficient playback. 


Human and vehicle target classification


In Hikvision's laboratories, deep-learning algorithms are trained to classify objects in videos into three categories – Humans, Vehicles, and Other. Users can further configure the algorithms to automatically detect humans, vehicles, or both based on their specific requirements, and then to notify them in real time. 


Easy configuration

This configuration-free function is ON by default and generates much fewer false alarms than conventional Motion Detection.



Efficient playback

Video clips get sorted into "Person Files" and "Vehicle Files". This allows homeowners and businesses to click a category and use time or location information to quickly locate the clip that they want.

Where can I use Motion Detection 2.0?

Hikvision's customers use Motion Detection 2.0 for a wide range of residential and business applications, both indoors and out. 

Which products come equipped with Motion Detection 2.0?

Motion Detection 2.0 puts smart security at everyone's disposal. It is available in a variety of Hikvision's front- and back-end products. Click a product model below for details.