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Hikvision thermal technology

How can you maximize perimeter protection, even on large sites, or sites bordering water? Find out how a luxury watersports and beach club in Italy has done it with a combination of high-definition panoramic cameras and advanced thermal imaging technology from Hikvision.


Any luxury club needs great security solutions to protect visitors and their property. However, the challenge is even greater for Marine Village Beach Club, which is located on a stretch of sand dunes on the beautiful Roman coastline of Ostia, Italy. 


Marine Village is a major center for watersports, including Aero-division sailing, and a range of other maritime and outdoor activities. It’s also a superb venue for relaxation, with a premier beachfront restaurant, a beach bar, and two elegant waterfront kiosks for events such as weddings. 


As a major attraction on the Ostia coast, Marine Village takes visitor security extremely seriously. However, the club’s beachfront location means that half of the club’s perimeter is open sea, making it very difficult to monitor and secure 24 hours a day.


Overcoming the perimeter challenges with Hikvision

To protect its visitors, staff, and installations, Marine Village Beach Club has deployed a new security solution based on Hikvision’s high-definition Panovu panoramic cameras. These use independently moving sensors to constantly monitor the club’s perimeter – including all beachfront areas. To further bolster perimeter security, the club has installed Hikvision thermal Bullet Series cameras that detect human intruders by their body temperature, even in total darkness. 


The Hikvision Panovu and thermal Bullet cameras use AI and Deep Learning algorithms to distinguish between humans, vehicles, and other moving objects, sending reports to the control unit, 24 hours a day. This capability minimizes false alarms and enables the security team to respond quickly and effectively to security incidents. A Hikvision 77 series NVR records video footage 24/7, preserving evidence for later use. 


Enhanced beachfront security, 24 hours a day

With the Hikvision security solution in place, Marine Village is able to protect its visitors and their property more effectively – cementing its reputation for delivering safe, high-quality maritime and outdoor leisure experiences.


Debora Berini, Director of Marine Village, says, “With highly performing video surveillance technologies such as thermal detection, the Hikvision solution guarantees guests and staff a level of security that matches the high quality standards of Marine Village."


The integration of thermal imaging technology into the solution helps to protect difficult-to-monitor areas of the club, such as the waterfront. Massimo Ponzo, Owner of the project installer GTS-IMPIANTI, says, “Working with Hikvision and Securmatica, we have created a high-performing security solution for Marine Village that incorporates thermal video imaging for optimal intrusion protection.” 


Find out more about Hikvision thermal imaging technology and how it can help you boost your own perimeter protection.

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