How cutting-edge video technology is protecting the world’s forests

How cutting-edge video technology is protecting the world’s forests

aprile 17, 2020


To stop the spread of forest fire, the key is not fire detection: it’s prevention. Discover how the latest cutting-edge video technology is being used to spot the warning signs of a fire before it’s fully broken out.


Forest fires are a devastating phenomenon. If not contained quickly, they can become incredibly hard to get under control – ravaging not only hundreds of thousands of kilometers of land and its local wildlife, but destroying buildings, and in some cases, leading to human fatalities.


It’s time to move beyond traditional detection methods

For thousands of years, communities have worked together to prevent the spread of wildfire in densely forested areas. However, even today, many vulnerable locations still rely on manned lookout towers, foot patrols and aerial patrols in order to spot if a fire has started. Such methods are labor-intensive, prone to error, and typically slow; all it takes is a few minutes for a live fire to spread to the point that it’s impossible to contain.


Of course, fire prevention activities are equally critical, and much work is being done globally in this area. However, it is becoming more challenging. For instance, some forest locations are experiencing a greater amount of tourist footfall due to their outstanding natural beauty. This puts them at a higher risk of fire due to the carelessness of visitors, or, sadly, deliberate arson attempts.


Stopping fires before they start through cutting-edge video

So it’s heartening to hear that some of the most beautiful woodlands in the world are now being proactively protected from fire through cutting-edge video technology.


These intelligent cameras use advanced thermal imaging and fire detection algorithms, to detect the first warning signs of burning wild foliage. The cameras then alert staff to a potential fire before it’s even broken out – giving them valuable time to take essential preventative measures, instead of battling a fire that’s already underway.


Discover how to prevent forest fires in our case study

Deqing County Forestry Bureau in China has built a smart 24/7 early warning and control system with Hikvision technology, for effective management of forest areas. Hikvision thermal & optical bi-spectrum cameras with advanced fire detection algorithm are installed to provide 24/7 uninterrupted detection of forest fires, watch for and warn against signs of burning wild foliage, which helps to put out fires.


Through the advanced fire detection algorithm built into our state-of-the-art cameras, the bureau is successfully protecting hundreds of kilometers of woodland and its wildlife, while allowing tourists to enjoy the forest safely.


You can read the full case study here.


To discuss your specific challenges in more detail, and to find out how our technology can support you, please contact us


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