Oil and gas companies invest in large-scale facilities for exploration, production, transportation and chemical manufacturing. Improving operational efficiency can significantly benefit the business. Hikvision provides oil and gas companies with intelligent and automated approaches and tools to collect operational equipment data, uncover potential equipment failures and hidden dangers, and help carry out preventive maintenance.

Real-time operational monitoring


Process monitoring


High-value explosion-proof and anti-corrosion cameras are used widely in the oil and gas industry for operational monitoring, as well as covering the upstream, midstream and downstream processes throughout the value chain:


  • Safeguarding operations in onshore oil fields
  • Protecting operations on offshore platforms
  • Ensuring smooth transportation of marine vessels
  • Monitoring leaks and other disruptions in processing plants

Visual verification with the SCADA system


A Hikvision CCTV system can seamlessly integrate with existing industrial control systems such as SCADA systems, adding an extra layer of visibility that makes it possible to gain awareness of assets and production processes remotely while minimizing downtime and costly on-site checks. 

Remote anomaly detection with thermography


Temperature monitoring


Hikvision equipment monitors temperatures of critical equipment every hour of every day. Our solution helps detect the corrosion of pipelines, tanks, and other storage equipment before oil or gas leaks occur. Users can make timely repairs before overheating to prevent damage and downtime. Liquid level detection measures the levels of oil & gas from afar in tank farms and oil tankers to guard against overflows or leakage.