Hikvision's Time & Attendance Managed Solution is for easy attendance management with basic access control functions. With its user-friendly interface, small and medium-size business (SMB) and enterprise users can easily manage employee time-attendance recording and access control for workers and visitors. Employees can report their attendance using GPS Clocking, and device maintenance is easier than ever. And with mobile connectivity, you can do it all remotely.

Why choose Hikvision’s Time & Attendance Managed Solution?

Manage more

Using the web portal or a mobile app, cloud-storage allows centralized management of multi-site and multi-user access and attendance management with no limit on registration numbers.

GPS clocking

Employees can clock in and out on mobile apps around a particular location when out for business meetings, patrol, or other tasks.

Cost reduction

Designed around all-sized enterprises, especially SMBs, registration is free for up to 10 employees.

Hosted service

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your system is operating well 24/7. On-time, automated version updates ensures extensive compatibility.

Remote maintenance

The solution eliminates the time and labor for on-site visits and inspection, ensuring problems are handled in a timely manner.

High security

All data is hosted by AWS. With a complete security system on board, your data is protected and highly secure from loss or damage.

Effortless setup

No port mapping or public IP required! Just scan the QR code and the configuration will be ready in seconds.

How does it work?


Employee management

Employee management

  • Import existing employee profiles from MinMoe terminals into the system or add profiles manually after granting permission
  • Assign authorization groups to configure access control and time-attendance in batches
  • Manage credential card enrollments ahead of time
Time & attendance aanagement

Time & attendance management

  • Adjust valid clock-in and -out schedules based on normal or man-hour shift needs using weekly or daily cycles
  • Apply configuration rules, including overtime, leave/holiday/break times, types, and so on 
  • Query and calculate clock-in and make-up time records
  • Automatically generate daily, weekly, and monthly attendance reports and irregularity reports and email them to HR at regular time intervals 
Basic access control management

Basic access control management

  • Add authorized personnel uniformly 
  • Assign authorization to specified groups / personnel / devices according to access schedule template
  • Remotely assign authorization for opening doors
  • Check access and management records
Mobile time clock app for employees

Mobile time clock app for employees

  • GPS clocking within HR-specified areas based on shift schedules or work needs
  • Query personal clock-in records and attendance reports
Easy setup and maintenance

Easy setup and maintenance

  • No port mapping or public IP required – Simply scan QR code and the configuration is ready  in  seconds
  • Hosted service allows 24/7 monitoring of device status
  • Remote maintenance eliminates the need for on-site inspections, ensuring problems get handled in a timely manner

Application scenarios

Efficient user interface

With a concise and responsive interface, the Time & Attendance Managed Solution helps any business operate and manage efficiently.