Hikvision Thermal Products Protect the Forest in Deqing, China


Hikvision thermal products protect the forest in Deqing, China

As the green lungs of Mother Earth, the forest is a true natural oxygen bar, it renews our air supply by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. The forest is rich in resources, but how to protect forest and achieve harmonious coexistence between humans and forests? Deqing, a forest city in northern Zhejiang Province has shown us with their years of good practices in forest management, conservation and sustainable development.

Deqing County has a total area of 935.9 km2 with over 40% of forest area. Deqing’s forest area is home to various plants, including over 500 species of land plants. The people in Deqing deeply understand the importance of protecting forests, thus, they have discovered a way to develop eco-tourism while protecting local forest resources. One of the most urgent tasks in protecting forests is to prevent fire in or near forests.



In recent years, Mogan Mountain, Deqing has witnessed the rapid development of the BnB (Bed and Breakfast) business. Currently, there are over 700 agritainment businesses in western Deqing. The number of tourists visiting the mountain has increased sharply, and the average staying time has extended too. There will be major economic loss and social impact if a forest fire occurs. 

To address this issue, Deqing County Forestry Bureau has been working with Hikvision in building a smart early warning and control system to gain the efficient management of forest areas.



New solution
In the past two years, Deqing County has gradually upgraded its forest fire prevention system from relying only on nature and manpower to a new real-time model that relies on science and technology.  

The Hikvision thermoal & optical bi-spectrum network cameras  DS-2TD8135-100C2FL  with advanced fire detection algorithm are installed to provide 24/7 uninterrupted detection of forest fires, watch for and warn against signs of burning wild foliage, which helps to put out fires. Instead of putting out a fire after it happening, the fire early warning will be notified by staff in advance.

Additionally, with the help of Hikvision video maagement software, staff can speak to tourists remotely from the control room, when there are people doing damage to the equipment, lighting fires in the wild, or conducting illegal logging, which can help nip the problem in the bud. The awareness of forest protection of visitors who enter into the protected area is improved as well.


Thanks to the Deqing people’s great effort in protecting the forest, both locals and visitors are able to enjoy the blessings from the forest. In Deqing, you are always surrounded by greenery. The roads are always filled with a touch of floral fragrance. 

NASA's satellite monitoring data shows that the earth is a greener place today than 20 years ago, and China’s increase in vegetation alone accounts for at least 25% of the total increase in global vegetation over the past 17 years. The protection of every forest and every tree is the protection of humanity's future.

Up to now, Hikvision has participated in the protection of dozens of forest areas and national forest parks such as the Greater Khingan Range, Wuyi Mountain, Shennongjia and the Base of the Giant Panda, and has aided in forest fire prevention, park management and wildlife protection. 



*< Human Activity in China and India Dominates the Greening of Earth, NASA Study Shows>



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