Hikvision PanoVu Cameras Help South Korea to Track Pollution Hot-spots


Hikvision PanoVu Cameras help South Korea to track pollution hot-spots

Helping to identify the location of erroneous odors permeating around areas of the Metropolitan City of Deagu in South Korea, Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier in innovative video surveillance products and solutions, has supplied its PanoVu series 180 degree Panoramic + PTZ cameras to form part of an integrated atmospheric information system.


Seo-gu (Seo District) in western Daegu, is a major transportation nexus which went through urban street development in the 1960s and massive industrialization in 1970s. Today, the bustling city has a population of 230,000.


Airborne bad odor problem
In response to a mass of complaints raised by the city’s residents about frequent airbourne bad odors emanating from the dyeing industry complex in the western region of Deagu, in July 2016, a meeting was held with the Daegu Metropolitan City’s economic, environmental and industrial dyeing stakeholders. From that meeting, it was decided that the Seo-gu Office would go-ahead with the construction of an atmospheric information project, to establish a bad odor monitoring and tracking system that would help to provide an effective and welcome solution to the issue.


System specification
Looking to secure a high-performance imaging solution for the project that would enable the capture of high-quality panoramic, and separate PTZ imaging over the entire city, Seo-gu Office turned to Hikvision. After a consultation exercise, Hikvision proposed that their PanoVu DS-2DP0818Z-D Series 180 degree Panoramic camera with its combined 4 fixed 2MP cameras and 36x optical zoom PTZ camera, could deliver the right solution.


To provide a practical demonstration of the camera’s suitability, a test installation was conducted within South Korea's largest industrial area, in Busan Metropolitan City, the country’s second largest city next to Seoul. Along with also being shown at the ‘Korean new Government Ver 3.0’ exhibition, a government devised initiative to deliver customised public services and generate new jobs, the Hikvision PanoVu camera demonstration was not only deemed a success, but also regarded as ‘a perfect fit’ for the monitoring system’s requirement.


Installed in November 2016, the new atmospheric information system is capable of measuring in real-time, complex odors composed of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and volatile organic compounds in and around the surrounding industrial area. The main control point, located at the Lifelong Learning Hall in Seo-gu, monitors system equipment consisting of 2 sets of 4 PanoVu DS-2DP0818Z-D cameras, 11 malodor measuring instruments (serving as a neural network in the monitoring complex), and two weather measurement instruments, which collect weather data such as wind speed, humidity and temperature. Monitoring the entire city area, the Hikvision cameras are integrated into the system’s atmospheric pollution sensors and capable of visually pinpointing the source of any atmospheric bad odor release. 


The result
“The Seo-gu Office Atmosphere Monitoring Centre is extremely pleased with the high-resolution picture quality they can now display on their large format video wall, and in combination with the PanoVu cameras’ Panoramic Mode + PTZ tracking function, are able to display wide-area coverage and close-up visual tracking via integration with the system’s atmosphere sensors,” says Joey Kim, SI Team, Hikvision Korea. “The atmospheric information system’s pollution monitoring sensors and integrated PanoVu cameras can define the precise location of each sensor’s triggered event and with the PanoVu PTZ camera, automatically track and target the precise location of the event actuation.”


Looking to the future, the integrated atmospheric information system is set to become a blueprint solution for use within other atmospheric monitoring projects in other regional districts and by the Korean Ministry of the Environment.


The director of Seo-gu Office said: "In addition to the construction of the high-speed Korea Train Express and the environmental improvement project linking the reclamation projects of the Seo Daegu general industrial and dyeing complexes, the operation of the new atmospheric information system has created a cleaner and more comfortable living environment.”  


For further information about Hikvision’s PanoVu camera range, customers can visit here.



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