Hikvision Modernizes Commercial Complex in Brazil


With over 500 IP Cameras: Hikvision Modernizes Commercial Complex in the Federal District in Brazil

DF Century Plaza now utilizes digital cameras with features that provide high image quality in any kind of light environment

Hikvision modernized the video surveillance system at the DF Century Plaza, a commercial complex located in Águas Claras (Federal District), Brazil. With an area of 240 thousand m², the space is composed of a shopping mall, a residential tower with 1,250 units, a commercial tower with 890 units, a hotel, and a hypermarket. In this project, Hikvision provided approximately 600 security devices in total, 500 of which were IP cameras, for both internal and external areas of the complex, along with video recorders and a video wall solution. Hikvision cameras including models with various intelligent features such as people counting for public traffic control and DarkFighter technology

One of the outstanding features is the use of Hikvision’s proprietary DarkFighter technology, which operates in high definition and vivid color even in nearly complete darkness (0.001 lux). A Hikvision Speed Dome Camera powered by DarkFighter technology is located on the perimeter of the mall. This camera features 36x zoom and performs well in areas of low light, capturing high-quality images. Several cameras feature 120 dB wide dynamic range (WDR) – one of the highlights of this project. Located in dozens of residential or commercial complex lobbies, this camera was chosen for its ability to render clear imaging in both extreme brightness and very low light, offering light compensation along with low-saturation, high-clarity images. In addition, cameras with ANPR technology and line crossing video content analysis are also in operation on the perimeters of the complex. 

Analytical software tied the project together and provide a number of benefits, including efficient footage searching, and operator access control. In addition, those responsible can view the entire complex remotely with support from the Hik-Connect application. Thanks to local company ABL Service Manager, the Operations Command Center (CCO) is comprised of Hikvision's complete video wall solution. The team responsible for the operation includes certified engineers and technicians. System-wide monitoring takes place in real-time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. According to Fábio Oliveira, manager at ABL, the DF Century Plaza's managing company, the biggest difficulties are in the complexity of the project, with varying surveillance needs and specific security demands. "The main challenge was to integrate the entire operation and find a system that meets all the requirements – from high technical quality to affordable cost and durability, bringing in the latest technologies. We are very pleased with the quality of the images and the operating options offered to us by Hikvision." 

According to Alvaro Junior, Hikvision Business Development Director in Brazil, this is a benchmark project for the market. "Our engineering team always seeks to select the best products to assist the integrator. We think the benefits of the project should reach everyone. Hikvision is always trying to delivering benefit to the integrator, the customer and its end customers, making the most complex technical solutions an economically viable security solution.”  

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