Hikvision assists state-of-the-art vehicle production at SGMW Motors in Indonesia


Hikvision assists state-of-the-art vehicle production at SGMW Motors in Indonesia


Specified to provide a comprehensive security, health & safety and production management tool, SAIC General Motors Wuling (SGMW), is now operating a Hikvision based HD surveillance system at one of the world’s newest vehicle manufacturing plants.
Established in 2002 by a joint venture and investment between SAIC Motor Corporation Ltd, General Motors and Guangxi Motor Corporation, today, SGMW is an annual producer of 1 million commercial vehicles and passenger cars, including MPVs.


To meet its ambitious automotive production plans, SGMW recently opened a third manufacturing plant located in Bekasi, Indonesia. Costing 700 million USD, the new factory is built on a massive 60-hectare site and is expected to contribute to the creation of some 10,000 local jobs, producing its first vehicles under the Wuling brand.


Along with the adoption of General Motors’ Global Manufacturing System incorporating an advanced production layout, SGMW’s manufacturing philosophy leverages cutting-edge best practice ideas and management systems that capitalise on its available resources - building competitive value within its business operation. To provide the level of intelligent camera functionality and surveillance management required to meet the demands of the state-of-the-art SGMW factory project, the automotive manufacturer enlisted the help of Hikvision distributor, Prima Inovasi Teknologi. 


Smart surveillance

Installed by Autojaya, the 172 Hikvision Full HD Smart video surveillance camera based system was designed from the outset to deliver the high quality of imaging and intelligent functionality required by SGMW Integrating Full HD capture, recording, decoding and display, the system utilises IP transmission over a local fibre Video Private Network (VPN). Using a mix of Hikvision DS-2DF8223I-AEL 2MP WDR Darkfighter IR PTZ cameras with Smart Tracking & Detection, DS-2CD6026FWD/E-L ultra-low light Smart Darkfighters, DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZ 2MP Smart Low Light cameras and DS-2CD6986F-H 8MP Multi-Imager Panoramic Dome cameras with 180° Horizontal View, the HD camera system supplies ultra-detailed imaging of every key internal and external factory location.


Across the entire site, the Full HD Smart camera network provides effective scene coverage and VCA alarm activation, providing HD imaging and automated situation alarm handling for the factory’s vehicle production areas, components warehouse, restaurants, data centre, offices, perimeter fence line, and exit & entry points, via a bespoke ANPR subsystem.


Along with the HD surveillance cameras, the system uses Hikvision DS-3E1318P-E Web-managed PoE Switches, DS-6916UDI HD Decoders and DS-96128NI-I24 128-channel Super 4K NVRs with up to 12 megapixel resolution recording, multi-format video encoding and HDD hot swappable storage to deliver ‘live’ and ‘recorded’ camera images to the factory’s Control Centre. To maximise the high-level of image detail the HD cameras deliver, the system’s camera images are displayed on two massive video walls, consisting of multiple Hikvision DS-D2055NL-B LCD HD ultra-slim 55” display monitors.


E-Map control

At the Control Centre, SGMW operatives view the entire factory site on a 3D electronic E-Map render, with intuitive Smart control provided by Hikvision’s iVMS-5200 Enterprise Software. Using the 3D site map, operators can easily locate and select any system camera, and control specific camera live or recorded video, along with video preview of triggered alarms, with their precise locations displayed via graphical icons on the factory E-Map.


Using the Enterprise Class Hikvision HD camera based system, operators can monitor in real-time, every stage of the vehicle production line process in finite detail. In the event of an incident or anything unusual taking place, the operators can react quickly, and select and review video information for analysis and reaction to the case, to keep vehicle production safe, whilst maintaining production and management efficiency.


Multiple applications

The system’s archived video data can be accessed for use by many factory departments, to provide visual information to remedy specific problems and support improved manufacturing and management efficiency, as well as the factory’s health & safety environment.


Vehicular traffic is managed by a separate Hikvision ANPR subsystem with automated Whitelist and Blacklist alarm management, to ensure fast and smooth traffic flow in and out of the factory.


“The Hikvision surveillance system supports SGMW’s site-wide management needs across many disciplines,” comments Bella, lead engineer of SGMW.  “Using the cameras for multi-functional applications enriches the efficiency, security and implementation of best practice management across the whole factory, paying back its initial return on investment and operational value many times.”


“The system’s end-to-end unified hardware and software delivers advanced situation awareness of the factory’s personnel, vehicle production line, paint shop, data centre, offices and finished vehicles storage,” explains Mr. Arijanto, Director of Autojaya. “Using Hikvision Smart camera VCA alarm functionality, the system has been configured to provide the highest level of protection and safety for factory personnel, assets and site facilities. Any unauthorised access attempt to the site’s perimeter or internal restricted areas are all covered by the system, offering advanced protection whilst reducing the number of security guards needed.”



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