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Security is inevitably one of the most basic yet crucial topics for all management teams. But improving your security system is more than just protecting store assets. It also creates a safer and more comfortable environment for customers to shop in. Hikvision’s solution makes the security of your business more intelligent – with various applications for pre-event, real-time, and post-event stages.

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Pre-incident Warning



Real-time Warning



Post-event Evidence Retrieval





Pre-Incident Warning

Notifications for advance preparations
It is always good to plan ahead – and that goes for security systems, too. Hikvision’s solution provides capabilities for pre-incident warnings.


Real-Time Alarms

Timely alarms for quick response
Nowadays, video security has evolved from simple post-event video search to during-the-event intervention. Businesses stand to gain huge benefits from the capabilities of real-time alarm systems. 


Post-Event Evidence Retrieval

Accurate forensic evidence
For all security system users, the ability to quickly find evidence is crucial. In many scenarios, such evidence might include more than just video information. That is why with Hikvision’s solution, users will find key data associated with the event in question.

Surveillance center management
System management
System Management


With HikCentral, IT management is more centralized and easy-to-use. All the statistics and analysis you may need to maintain a healthy and effective system are all shown in one place. You can easily follow the steps below for a quick inspection and fix.


  • Overall Inspection
    Customized inspection frequency: 0.5~60 minutes
  • Error Checking
    List of abnormal items with detailed information
  • Problems Fixing
    Network accessibility check
    Power on or off
    User name and password check

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