Light Type
LED Lamp Beads
Angle of Light
1.5 lane
Effective Distance
16 to 25 m
Trigger Manner
TTL level (switch trigger optional)
Trigger Level
4 to 6 V ( High Level Trigger)
Trigger Duty Ratio
1% to 39% (Enter the protection state at Duty Radio ≥ 40%)
Response time
≤ 20 us
Day and Night Function
Support ambient brightness detection, and automatic start-up at low illumination (optional)
1-ch, supporting PC or camera connection (optional)
Synchronous Interface
1-ch flash trigger input, 1-ch capture trigger input, and 1-ch synchronous flash output (optional)
Parameter Configuration
Supports internal parameter settings, such as turn-on threshold of day and night function, flash, and ultra-high frequency flash delay setting
Service Life
≥ 50000 H
Housing Material
Die-cast aluminum
Power Supply
220 VAC ± 20%, 47 to 63 Hz
Max. 60 W (Determined by control model)
Operating Temperature
-40 °C to 70 °C (-40 °F to 158 °F)
Operating Humidity
10% to 90%, no condensation
Weather Proof Rating
Mounting Model
Support front-mounted installation (bracket rotation angle: -90° to 90°)
6.28 kg (13.85 lb)
Color Temperature
2500K to 3500K
Trigger Frequency
15 to 250 Hz
Dimension (W × H × D)
322 × 271 × 118 mm (12.7 × 10.7 × 4.6 inch)
Exception Detection Signal Output
The default output port outputs high voltage (typically 5 V) (optional), when the light is turned on and the supplement light output current is too large or too small.
Brightness Control
Control brightness by changing the external input PWM Duty Radio