Analyzing customer traffic flow for Big Bazar

Analyzing customer traffic flow for Big Bazar



High street stores have been increasingly under pressure to adapt their businesses to advancing retail trends. To do this, they need data to show what’s happening in their stores every day. Big Bazar, a discount retail outlet with stores throughout the Netherlands, recognized the value of customer traffic flow information for monitoring trends and turned to System’s Integrator Kersten Service en Onderhoud to find a solution. Kersten’s response was an integrated people counting system implemented across the whole chain using Hikvision cameras.





Big Bazar needed to gather customer traffic data for each of its shops in the Netherlands to be able to help them make management decisions to improve business. The chain represents a relatively young retail formula, starting out in 2007, so valuable insights into how customers use their shops are crucial to their growth.


They needed to be able to integrate all of the data from the 120+ locations around the Netherlands into a central system. This new system needed to work with an existing ERP software, through which they tracked the KPIs for each store.


Finally, managers had to be able to rely on the daily data they received to allow them to carry out efficient and deep performance analysis. With regular and acurate counting data, they can see sales performance, staff effforts and purchase conversion rate more accurately.






Kersten Retail worked with Hikvision experts to produce a bespoke solution, using the Dual-Lens People Counting Network Camera (DS-2CD6825G0/C-I(V)(S)). These fed data from all the shops through a VPN network to a central point, where they were received by a customized version of VMS software HikCentral Professional.


People counting cameras were mounted at the entrance of each shop for customer traffic statistics. Some even had two cameras installed, depending on the size and need. Now, HikCentral uploads the counting data of each shop to a specific folder on the central server automatically every day at midnight, and the ERP system gets it from there. 


They could see the performance by comparison between different sites, which could help them to determine why certain activities were not working and improve them. For example, by comparing different shops, they can see the impact of holidays on the amount of customers entering. They could also see the ratio between customers entering and sales – which could indicate a need to change something inside the shop itself.


All of this means they can identify reasons for low performance and take action to increase turnover or purchase conversion rate.  


Evert Zaal, Big Bazar’s ICT Manager, says: “The Hikvision solution is far more precise in counting the actual number of customers. It can filter out trolleys and couples, so there’s no need for us to ‘tune’ the counted data. We have been very impressed with Hikvision’s ability to customize the software to our exact needs.”


With the help of Hikvision technology, Big Bazar can use accurate customer traffic information to monitor and grow their business, bringing decision making into the future.



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