Hikvision and Vauban Systems join forces with new MOD-HEAT module combining access control and thermographic cameras

Hikvision and Vauban Systems join forces with new MOD-HEAT module combining access control and thermographic cameras

Hikvision and Vauban Systems, a French manufacturer of access control solutions, have joined forces to create MOD-HEAT, a new module combining access control and thermographic cameras.


Faced with new security and flow management needs, R&D teams at Vauban Systems and Hikvision cooperated on the integration and analysis of thermographic data in access control, based on common values. The results is the MOD-HEAT module. It can easily be integrated into existing VISOR® supervision software systems. Together with a Hikvision thermographic camera, the module allows to use temperature data to guarantee the health and safety of employees and visitors at, for example, office spaces.


In real time and without physical contact, the system can take the skin surface temperature of each visitor, give an audio alarm in the event of an anomaly and authorize, or not, their access to the site. Thanks to Hikvision’s thermographic camera, the system also features the ability to detect whether the person is wearing a mask or not. Vauban Systems and Hikvision thus offer a turnkey solution to secure the movement of people, staff and visitors. It is suitable for a wide range of areas of application, such as in nursing homes, offices, hospitals, airports, communities, construction sites or on cruise ships.


Hikvision offers Temperature Screening Solutions with multiple product types and a wide range of applications. They are designed for the detection of skin-surface temperatures so as to achieve rapid and safe preliminary screening in public areas with high efficiency in a multitude of scenarios. Among the products are handheld cameras, dome and turret cameras as well as access control terminals and the possibility to combine thermal temperature screening with a metal detector entry gate.




Vauban System’s VISOR® supervisor makes it possible to secure an installation in all flexibility. With numerous user assistants and able to manage up to 840 readers, it offers the possibility of viewing one or more sites. Intuitive and ergonomic, it is very simple to use and its installation is easy. VISOR® software combines interactivity and technology to ensure optimal supervision of your security.


Thanks to the mobilization of the two companies’ R&D teams as well as to a common knowledge base, this MOD-HEAT solution with VISOR® software was developed in just one week!


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