How SMBs security benefits from thermal cameras?


How SMBs security benefits from thermal cameras? 


Some technologies that seem to be very common now were high-cost, such as radar, GPS, and others. However, over time, the technology matured and products can now be put into mass production, resulting in significant cost reductions and making them more widely used in general applications. Thermal technology is another example, and possibly the most exciting right now. Here’s why.

Thermal technology works on the principle that objects above the absolute zero (-273°C) emit some amount of thermal radiation, or heat. Due to varying intensities of heat radiation, people, animals, and even inanimate objects can be clearly observed using infrared technology, even in the absence of light.

Thermal technology has long been used in the field of security, especially in complex environments such as border protection, forest fire detection, airport security, and so on. This imaging technology remains unaffected by visual impediments such as fog or mist and so offers a unique type of performance in harsh conditions.

While thermal technology is fairly well known, experience with thermal cameras is not so common. Users often mistakenly believe that they are only installed in large and expensive projects as they are almost always associated with high-end PTZ cameras.

In recent years, with the rapid development of thermal detector technology, coupled with the popularization of the use of thermal products in the application