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PM Q&A: How to achieve clear, full-color video footage even in the dark with ColorVu technology?

sierpnia 12, 2021
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Hikvision recently expanded its camera range with ColorVu technology which offers high-quality lenses and sensors for clear, full-color imaging, even in very low light conditions. The new range also includes 4k cameras that offer an ultra HD experience, and varifocal cameras that allow users to zoom in to color video images at night. To put the updated camera range to the test, we asked Hikvision product manager Jerry Xu to explain how the cameras work, what's unique about them, and how they are helping organizations to take their security to the next level.


Q1: Jerry, can you please introduce Hikvision's expanded camera range with ColorVu technology?

A: Yes, of course. Any security professional will tell you that color is extremely important for capturing high-resolution images with the detail needed to identify and respond to incidents and to collect evidence for later use. The latest camera range with ColorVu technology meets this need, providing both bright color imaging and extremely high resolution, even at night and in dark indoor areas. The color and clarity these cameras offer makes them ideal for outside environments such as parks and streets where the public needs to be protected at night, or for dark indoor spaces such as cinemas. 


Q2: How can cameras with ColorVu capture detailed, full-color video in the dark? Are there any new and exciting technologies you would like to highlight?

A: Cameras with ColorVu use extremely high-quality lenses and sensors for clear, colorful imaging in near-total darkness. We've also integrated other leading-edge technologies, such as 4K technology for ultra-high-definition imaging and varifocal technology for full-color imaging at all focal lengths. With even better image quality and richer details, 4K cameras with ColorVu can be used in scenarios such as stadiums, airports, harbors, and parking lots, where clear and high-resolution images are essential. 


Q3: I understand there are built-in lights in all of these cameras. If cameras with ColorVu work near-total darkness, why do they need a built-in light? 

A: There are two main reasons why cameras with ColorVu have a built-in light. First, some spaces are pitch dark, meaning there's no light whatsoever for the camera to work with. In these kinds of spaces the built-in light allows the camera to function and to record high-quality color images. Second, the built-in light can help to increase security in certain spaces – such as entrances to buildings or logistics parks. For this reason, many customers choose to turn on camera lights as an added security deterrent. 


In nearly all cases, cameras with ColorVu can capture high-resolution, full-color images with the in-built light turned off, so it's up to customers if they want to use it or not! 


Q4: What is the value of ColorVu for security teams?

A: Providing colorful imaging information at night for security teams is the core value of the ColorVu technology. This enables them to easily see more details with color, and respond quickly if incidents happen. In addition, customers can save even more time if they combine cameras with Hikvision AI and Deep Learning technologies – such as AcuSense. This allows security teams to focus on incidents that matter by automatically distinguishing between people, vehicles, and other moving targets such as rain, leaves and animals. Alarms are only triggered when real threats are detected – allowing security teams to respond faster and more effectively.


Q5: How can customers choose the right cameras with ColorVu for their specific security needs? 

A: The range with ColorVu technology includes a wide range of different cameras, each of which has unique characteristics and benefits. 


For example, we launched 4K cameras with ColorVu technology that provides a UHD experience, and varifocal cameras that allow users to zoom in to color video images at night. Besides this, we also have a range of smart IP cameras with ColorVu that incorporate AcuSense technology at the front end for human and vehicle recognition. If you aren't sure which camera would be right for your business or application, please just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.


Q6: Who's currently using ColorVu technology to improve their security monitoring? 

A: We have several customers using cameras with ColorVu technology already, from businesses and educational institutions, to local authorities. Many small businesses, for example, are using cameras with ColorVu to ensure that their employees, customers and assets are protected, and to record high-resolution and full color video footage as evidence for security breaches. A number of logistics parks and other large facilities are also using cameras with ColorVu for multiple applications, from perimeter protection and security monitoring in warehouses, to controlling vehicle movements and parking on site.


Take your security to the next level with Hikvision's ColorVu technology 

Many thanks to Jerry for this introduction to Hikvision's ColorVu technology and how it can help boost security with high-resolution, full-color imaging, even in low-light conditions. If you're feeling inspired to take your security to the next level with ColorVu technology, you can find out even more information here. You can also contact a Hikvision representative to discuss your specific security requirements and we'll be happy to help. 


Network cameras with ColorVu technology

Turbo HD cameras with ColorVu technology

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