Integrating Hikvision products and systems like its video security management system and access control, HikCentral Professional offers a one-stop security solution for all sizes of businesses and a wealth of application scenarios. At the same time, we create simple and easy-to-use designs to meet complex scenarios, paying special attention to user privacy and network security.



The HikCentral Professional platform provides powerful video security capabilities featuring PTZ control, fisheye dewarping, synchronized playback, video exporting, and other operational functions, while adding license plate recognition, black- and white-lists, VCA searches, and other intelligent functions to help users improve efficiency and reduce costs. For users who have a smart wall, we also offer the two options of decoder or graphics card.


Access Control

HikCentral Professional features a powerful access control module, making management of staff simple and easy. Advanced functionality includes anti-passback, multi-door interlocking, and multiple certification added to the system. The unified operation interface combined with video makes access control management much easier and more efficient. Additionally, the access control and time/attendance modules support more advanced solutions like face recognition.



HikCentral Professional platform provides a powerful & comprehensive alarm center application, centralizing the display of all alarm information on the platform. It is based on an intelligent alarm mechanism, reducing the false alarm rate and helping customers handle emergencies more efficiently than ever before. What’s more, the user can customize the priority of the alarm and trace the event afterwards with our powerful retrieval function.