Hikvision obtains CNPP Certified certificates for its thermal security cameras

Hikvision obtains CNPP Certified certificates  for its thermal security cameras

Hikvision has been awarded CNPP Certified certificates for 15 of its thermal cameras as heat detection systems.


CNPP is an international player in risk prevention and management in the fields of fire and explosion safety, security and malicious acts, cybersecurity, environmental issues and occupational risks. Among the portfolio of CNPP activities, the certifications issued by its subsidiary CNPP Cert. are recognitions and passports of trust. As a third party, CNPP Cert. awards certifications as part of a collective approach where all stakeholders are members of the certification committee: security professionals, users, technical consultants, insurance companies and public authorities.


Observing safety measures during the photo shoot.



"I am very happy that after several months of work, we have obtained CNPP certifications for our thermal security cameras", says Franck Carette, Thermal Product Manager at Hikvision Europe. "In addition, we are the very first manufacturer of security products to obtain this certification."

Three certificates were issued following conformity tests carried out according to the technical specification CNPP ST LPMES - DEC.19.005 of February 1, 2019. The certificates were awarded to thermal security cameras belonging to the following series:

Bullet series (32.20.221): DS-2TD2136T, DS-2TD2137T, DS-2TD2166T, DS-2TD2167T, DS-2TD2636T, DS-2TD2637T, DS-2TD2667T

Dome Series (33.20.221): DS-2TD4136T, DS-2TD4137T, DS-2TD4166T, DS-2TD4167T

PT series (34.20.221): DS-2TD6236T, DS-2TD6237T, DS-2TD6266T, DS-2TD6267T


For more information on our thermal security cameras, click here.

For more information on the CNPP, click here.

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