Thermal imaging: for a rapid response in challenging locations

Thermal imaging: for a rapid response in challenging locations 

ottobre 31, 2019

“The latest thermal imaging cameras capture high quality video in darkness, bad weather, thick smoke or obscured locations. The result? Even those working in the most challenging locations can improve operational safety and security, and respond rapidly to every incident.”


They say a picture tells a thousand words – and that’s certainly true of video surveillance. Surveillance cameras empower organizations with a wealth of visual data to make better, smarter decisions. Most importantly, they can provide that information quickly, for a rapid response when it matters most.


But what happens when there’s some sort of barrier getting in the way of the camera’s view? Normal video cameras cannot see through things like foliage, low light, thick smoke or darkness. And yet, it would be incredibly valuable to have eyes on the scene at night, in challenging or dangerous locations, or when there is a fire risk.


So it’s a relief to know that one type of camera is up to the job: a thermal imaging camera.


Thermal imaging: the infra-red super camera
Strictly speaking, these cameras don’t see: they visualize. Thermal imaging cameras use heat sensors to measure infra-red energy radiating from the elements within their field of view, translating the varying temperatures into an image. Naturally, elements like buildings or foliage will be cool, while anything that emits heat or uses energy – people, animals, vehicles, lights, fire and so forth – will be warm. The result is a contrasting image of hot and cold, with the warmer items more clearly visible, even if they are obscured from view. 


This makes thermal imaging ideal for preventing safety and security incidents, and for responding rapidly when they do occur.


Smarter incident prevention, faster response
One particularly effective use is in perimeter security. A thermal camera can pick up the heat of a moving person, vehicle or object in even the darkest locations – and even when intruders are dressed entirely in black.


Figure 1. Thermal imaging cameras can 'see' a person where a normal camera cannot.


Locations at risk of fire or overheating will also benefit hugely. Thermal imaging can be used to constantly scan locations for temperature anomalies, making it ideal for the prevention of fire, or stopping equipment from overheating. Should a fire break out, it can allow firefighters to ‘see’ through the smoke, identifying if and where people are trapped. Plus it can reveal the hottest part of a fire, enabling them to focus their relief efforts.


Thermal imaging is also a cost-effective solution. It doesn’t need any illumination for detection, so there’s no need for expensive light installations. What’s more, it works with longer detection ranges than traditional CCTV, which means fewer cameras, poles and other equipment is needed.


Market-leading thermal-imaging technology
Hikvision’s thermal imaging cameras are among the most cutting-edge on the market. That’s partly thanks to our custom-design thermal imaging camera module, which empowers our cameras to capture vivid, high-resolution video of moving objects at a resolution of up to 640 x 512 pixels. 


Our cameras also feature the same powerful deep learning algorithms as the rest of our camera portfolio. This includes accurate behavioral analyses, intrusion detection, region entrance/exit identification and more, which makes them valuable for a multitude of applications.


Hikvision: transforming safety and security in demanding locations
Hikvision thermal imaging cameras are helping organizations all over the world in interesting ways.


For instance, the Forestry Bureau in the popular tourist destination of Deqing County, China, has installed an advanced forest fire prevention system. Hikvision thermal and optical bi-spectrum network cameras are installed throughout the county’s dense forest. Thanks to the in-built advanced fire detection algorithm, the cameras provide 24/7 uninterrupted surveillance through the thick foliage, notifying staff as soon as the earliest signs of a fire are detected.


Meanwhile, the facilities team at Foxlake Dundee – a brand new water park on the docks in the Scottish city – use Hikvision Thermal Network Bullet Cameras to ensure no-one vandalizes the park out of hours, or is injured by using it in the dark. If the thermal cameras pick up any movement on the site, they alert the remote security team, who can issue an immediate verbal warning to intruders via the on-site audio system.


Don’t be in the dark about incident management
If you or any of your customers work in a challenging location, Hikvision thermal imaging cameras could transform operational safety and security. To learn more about the full range of Hikvision thermal cameras, and how they can empower businesses with rapid insight, visit here.