Improving alarm services with video verification


Responding to false alarms can be a big drain on resources. With Hikvision’s reliable solution for Intrusion Verification as a Service, you can immediately access high-quality video clips of the scene – helping you confirm if the alarm is real, saving you time and costs while also providing better services to your customers.

False alarms are a serious problem for the security industry. According to the analyst firm IHS Markit, between 90 and 95 percent of reported intruder alarms turn out to be false[1]  – making them a waste of time, potentially costly for businesses, and a strain on any emergency services that are called out in response.

To address this, some alarm companies are using video verification: live footage of the event which triggered the alarm. This should enable users to visually verify the source of the alarm, and identify false alarms before any resources are dispatched. Law enforcement teams may also use the video as evidence for further investigation where necessary.

However, most video verification systems on the market typically send users low resolution, static imagery of the alarm event. This does not give users the quality of information they need for verification, nor for further police investigation.

The solution: Intrusion Verification as a Service (IVaaS)
Hikvision’s AXHub intruder alarm system enables the pioneering Intrusion Verification as a Service, which seamlessly unites video with cutting-edge intrusion detection capabilities in a single platform. Through this high quality video-based solution, users have access to reliable video verification for the first time.

Quality alarm footage, delivered instantly
Intrusion Verification as a Service gives users high-quality CCTV footage of intruders before and after an alarm is triggered. When the alarm trips, the AXHub isolates seven seconds of video: the five seconds before the alarm sounded, and two seconds post alarm. It then instantly delivers those video clips directly to the user through whichever method suits them best: email, an alert on the Hik-Connect app, to Hikvision’s iVMS management software, or directly to a central monitoring station (CMS).

Faster decision making
By sending live video in real-time, the system allows users to verify the trigger of the alarm immediately. In turn, this enables a response team or emergency services to be dispatched to the scene very quickly if necessary.

Full remote control
Compatibility with the Hik-Connect app gives users full control of the alarm from their cell phone. Users can receive mobile push notifications of the alarm sounding, and also in the event that any cameras are compromised. They can also arm, disarm and monitor the alarm via the app.

A reliable intrusion verification solution for residential and commercial properties
The high sensitivity transceivers in the AXHub’s panels and sensors boost the wireless range, making this ideal for residential or small commercial applications.

Get a clearer picture of what’s really happening
To discover how Hikvision’s pioneering solution for high quality Intrusion Verification as a Service can help you avoid false alarms, save time, and boost your responsiveness to incidents, contact Hikvision today.

Hikvision AXHub provides a solution for IVaaS that helps security professionals target new market applications to grow and maximise their business potential. To learn more about the Hikvision AX-Series.


Key features of the AXHub intruder alarm system
• Wireless or direct camera connection. The system can either link to Hikvision cameras wirelessly via the cloud, or up to two cameras via direct connection to the hub itself.
• Rapid switching to live video. Upon viewing the video clips, users can easily switch straight to live streams for additional verification of what is happening at the site.
• No service disruption in an outage. Video clips are still available in the event of loss of power or internet connection.
• Small panel for discreet indoor installation. In the event that the alarm and the cameras become damaged, this ensures those videos that were recorded are still streamed and stored safely.
• Support a full range of wireless security  peripherals. The AXHub is compatible with any Hikvision network camera or intrusion device, including internal and external detectors, contacts, keyfobs, life safety sensors and many more.