How smart video can prevent accidents in mines


Working underground is dangerous, and miners do it every single day. Find out how smart video can help keep them safe, with crystal clear imaging in low-light conditions, and automated alerts for safety incidents. 


When it comes to ranking work environments for difficulty and danger, mining comes pretty high up the list. There’s often a risk of flooding, as well as potentially explosive gases in the air, not to mention people and dangerous machines working side by side in restricted spaces. 


This means there’s a constant need to monitor health and safety and to respond quickly to any incident. The problem is that traditional video solutions are often unable to see into dark areas of the mine or to trigger health and safety alerts automatically. Additionally, CCTV screens need to be monitored manually, increasing staffing costs and increasing the risk of errors. 


Improving staff safety with smart video

Many forward-looking mines around the world are keeping their staff safer with smart video solutions. These improve visibility in dark areas with crystal-clear low-light imaging. They also use machine learning capabilities to trigger real-time alerts for all kinds of health and safety incidents. 


For example, alarms can be triggered automatically when an employee comes too close to a working machine, or when they enter a restricted area. This way, health and safety teams can respond faster, ensuring that incidents are never overlooked.


Find out more in our mining case study

Jiangzhuang Coal Mine in China has implemented one of Hikvision’s smart video solutions to improve staff safety. With 30 potential security incidents identified in the first three months, the solution is helping to keep staff safer and helping the mine create a ‘zero-accident’ work environment. 


Read the full case study here


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