How organizations with remote installations can get always-on power and security with Hikvision

How organizations with remote installations can get always-on power and security with Hikvision

ottobre 10, 2019


In many cases, bringing power supply wires to remote sites is too difficult or expensive to justify. To overcome these challenges, Hikvision offers our Wind & Solar energy supply solution, which ensures always-on power and security in even the most inaccessible locations.


When one renewable energy source is not enough…
Many high-value sites and assets are located in remote and inaccessible areas, from agricultural installations and gas and oil pipelines, to scientific installations such as high-powered telescope arrays. This is especially the case in countries with large territories, where there are often hundreds of miles separating large cities, such as Canada, Australia and China.


If energy supply and security systems are needed at remote installations, or for functions such as wild-fire prevention, the obvious choice is to deploy an ‘off-grid’ solution, such as solar power or wind plant. However, many sites are unable to rely on unbroken sunshine, while others only experience windy conditions occasionally. This means that choosing a single renewable energy source is not reliable enough to ensure the constant supply of power, potentially jeopardizing the availability of any security solutions that have been deployed at the site.


Bringing reliable energy supply to ‘off-grid’ locations
To overcome the challenges of variable weather conditions for generating energy, Hikvision offers a hybrid solution that harnesses both solar and wind power. With the option to add 3 to 5 days of additional battery redundancy, the system can withstand several days of rain and still weather, while still powering vertical applications, such as security surveillance systems.


The Hikvision solution combines a number of key technologies to provide reliable energy for ‘off-grid’ locations and applications. These include technologies for efficiently blending wind and solar energy, and for converting it into electrical energy that is stored in powerful, durable batteries.


By storing energy from solar and wind, the Hikvision solution ensures that power is always available for critical security and surveillance systems.


The Hikvision Wind & Solar Supply solution in action
The Hikvision Wind & Solar Supply solution has been deployed in many remote and ‘off-grid’ locations. It is being used to provide reliable energy supply for a wide range of vertical applications, from highways monitoring and agricultural security, to cross-region pipeline monitoring.


In Lin’an, China, for example, the region’s Agriculture Bureau has deployed the Hikvision Wind & Solar Supply solution in conjunction with a high-definition video surveillance system to protect valuable pecan forests. Video footage is transmitted 24-hours a day over a 4G wireless network, allowing teams to respond quickly in the event of a security breach.


In another example, the solution is being used in Lijiang, China, for a major highways monitoring project. By using wind and solar power, the project has avoided the high costs associated with pulling wired electricity from the highway network and is able to collect real-time data about the condition of roads in the area.


Get always-on power and security with Hikvision
To find out more about the Hikvision Wind and Solar Supply solution and how it can help you improve the security of your remote installations or sites, please contact us.

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