How convergence helps improving security operations



The concept of systems working seamlessly together has been a holy grail for security professionals for a long time. And with the advent of home systems that link various functions together (audio, TV, lighting and even curtains, for example) users are starting to realize the possibilities, and this creates expectation. The world of surveillance is now starting to catch up, and Hikvision is leading the charge with solutions that seamlessly combine video surveillance, video intercom, access control and alarm products together.


Multiple benefits
At Hikvision, we see how properly converged systems have multiple benefits. They save time – both for installers with easier installation and for users. Imagine a security guard, for example, who needs to look at a number of different screens to monitor output from different systems. That complicates the job, and makes the guard less efficient – also possibly missing something important that ‘falls between the cracks’ of different systems.


A converged solution means that alerts are easier to manage, since they can be integrated. For example, if an alarm goes off, the system can automatically link that alert to the output of the nearest camera, so the whole situation can be easily seen in the monitoring center. Security personnel can then spend more time responding to potential threats and actually dealing with them, rather than trying to figure out where or what they are.


If a solution is integrated, it is also scalable. Future needs can be met using the same infrastructure, and managed by the same central VMS. Other elements can be more easily added later, without having to ‘reinvent’ the architecture.


At the bottom line, all this means a considerable saving in time and effort, and most importantly, cost. Savings in employee hourly rate, installer time, separate maintenance costs, separate software licenses all add up. And that’s even before you consider the costs of having to completely rebuild a system.


Products that talk to each other
For the first time, Hikvision video intercomaccess control and alarm products can be incorporated into the same solution as ‘regular’ video surveillance products. This is a major step forward, since it means that all of these products can be monitored, and managed using the same central system. System designers can get much more creative, knowing that all of these technologies can talk to each other and work together.


Hikvision’s VMS software integrates all our products and technologies to make central management easy. It can also include integrated, dynamic business intelligence.


The video management system gives businesses the ability to manage and run daily security tasks. There are surveillance-related functions such as live viewing, recording, and playback on the platform, making a unified solutions, whatever the security need.


This convergence also means that users can monitor much more through the cloud-based Hik-Connect mobile app. This provides a quick and easy way to set up, monitor and manage the complete solution. The ability to keep an eye on things wherever you are is a compelling one and something that users expect more and more. It’s especially relevant for small business owners, and home owners, who are most likely to need to check things ‘on the move’.


Reinvent your business with more efficiency and peace-of-mind
Gone are the days when people will accept disconnected systems. We sit in a world now where users expect to be able to use technologies and devices together. And Hikvision is poised to deliver just that, by bringing disparate devices together, whether they are cameras dedicated to securing a space, solutions designed to tell retailers the ‘hot’ spots in their store or alarm devices to alert a family to an intruder. The future, it seems, is converging.


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