Hikvision’s 5 social responsibility commitments

Hikvision’s 5 social responsibility commitments

novembre 01, 2019


Hikvision might be one of the leading providers of video and security solutions worldwide, but we are also a socially responsible business. Find out how our 5 social responsibility commitments are helping to make the world more innovative, productive, safer, fairer and – crucially – more sustainable as well.


At Hikvision, social responsibility starts with our own company and our desire to achieve harmony between our organization, the business community, and people everywhere. To make sure we continue to influence society in a positive way, we have made the following 5 key social responsibility commitments:


1)        Promoting industrial development and meeting clients’ needs
Our first commitment is to push forward industrial innovation with products that meet clients’ fast changing needs. To do this, we have developed an engineering culture that combines an artisanal approach with major R&D investments to constantly improve product capabilities, performance and quality. In the era of intelligence, we have created a complete, open system covering products, services and technologies, and we work together with our partners, including our suppliers, to help our clients innovate and succeed.


2)       Helping to improve people’s quality of life
Our second commitment is to deliver innovative products and services that make life safer, more efficient, and more convenient for everyone. In particular, we are dedicated to creating innovative intelligent solutions in the areas of public security, transportation, finance, education, manufacturing and other related aspects of the social economy that change people’s lives for the better.


3)       Caring for our employees and helping them succeed 
Third, we are committed to creating a harmonious, caring, and progressive work environment for our employees, respecting their rights and capabilities. To help all our people develop and thrive, we have established a series of employee training and development management systems that give them the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today’s fast-changing world.


4)       Implementing environmentally sound operating practices
Our fourth commitment is to build a sustainable business ecosystem based on green operating and development practices. We not only conserve energy and reduce emissions in our daily operation, but we also actively promote energy saving with green products that minimize negative environmental impacts.


5)       Giving back to society
In the process of development, we never forget our social responsibilities. We treat our clients, partners and everyone we deal with respectfully, and we always strive to give back to the society in terms of initiatives that benefit local communities, animal species, natural habitats, and otherwise benefit society as a whole. We passionately believe that science and technology have a major role to play when it comes to promoting social equality and development.     


Our long-term responsibility roadmap
In the future, we will continue to conduct our business operations in a socially responsible way, caring for and motivating employees; building transparent and trust-based relationships with stakeholders; and contributing to sustainable development.


If you’d like more information on Hikvision’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, visit Hikvision ESG Report, or contact us at GLOBALPR@hikvision.com. In the meantime, let’s focus on growing sustainably together. 

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