What is the AX Hybrid PRO Intrusion Alarm System?


Hikvision’s innovations in intrusion protection have reached a new stage with the launch of our next-generation AX Hybrid PRO alarm system. Inheriting the elegant design of the original AX PRO and embedded with cutting-edge technologies, the AX Hybrid PRO Series offers the combination of reliable wired protection, while delivering expanded flexibility with seamless wireless integration.


Catering to the more complicated needs of home and business scenarios, the AX Hybrid PRO Series is designed to protect small shops, offices, and residential buildings from theft, robbery, fire, and flooding, with instant and visual alarm verification for real assurance. 

Reliable and flexible alarm protection


Expanded flexibility with great performance


This brand new hybrid alarm system is all about professionalism, reliability, expanded flexibility, and great performance. Empowered by the Speed-X technology, the system’s wired transmission speed can reach up to 500 KB/s – about 150 times the traditional technology – enabling efficient HD photo verification.

In addition, users will enjoy the ultra-long 900-meter transmission distance. And in its cascade-connection topology mode, that distance extends up to 5,400 meters, effectively covering more complicated scenarios.


Stay informed with real-time visual verification


Powered by the Speed-X technology, the end-user will receive imaging from wired PIRCAM detectors for verification within 3 second after an abnormal event occurs so they can take prompt action. What’s more, the new Hybrid control panel supports integration with security cameras, offering end-users an additional 7 seconds of video verification powered by Hikvision IVaaS technology. With these immediate verification means, home or business owners and alarm receiving centers can remotely check on any issue in a way that saves time and costs.


Comprehensive protection with the synergy of wired and wireless detection


The AX Hybrid PRO system enjoys the synergy of wired reliability and wireless flexibility, with a wide range of wired detectors to choose from and full compatibility with all AX PRO Series wireless detectors. Convenient and flexible to design and deploy, the hybrid system detects intrusions, fires, an water and gas leaks before disaster strikes, indoors and out, day and night, delivering a higher level of security.


Great reliability you can always trust


Another revolution of the AX Hybrid PRO is the increased system reliability during blackouts or other emergencies. With smart power management, the system can operate normally on its backup battery for up to 36 hours. And data transmission is always safe with multiple communication methods including LAN, Wi-Fi, PSTN, GPRS, and 3G/4G networks. What’s more, you can always feel assured about backup security as the hybrid control panel supports 4-channel backup redundancy.


Open and convergent system in hand


Highly compatible with virtually all Hikvision devices and systems, the AX Hybrid PRO also enables unified management of intrusion alarms, video security, video intercoms, and access control for all-around protection. And it’s all managed on a single platform – Hik-Connect. Having everything under control has never been easier. With the Hik-Connect App, users can manage all devices on the AX Hybrid PRO alarm system and other systems as well, view the images taken by the cameras and detectors, and get instant notifications in the event of intrusion attempts, gas leaks, fires, and floods.

Installing and maintaining is simple and safe

Easy setup and effortless integration for ARCs


Open integration for Alarm Receiving Centers


The AX Hybrid PRO control panel features open and easy integration with third-party monitoring software used by alarm receiving centers directly via the SIA-DC09 standard protocol, which is the easiest and fastest method with only alarm notifications. What’s more, it also supports integration with ARCs via HIK IP Receiver Pro, which provides more efficient photo and video verifications along with single alarm notifications.

Application scenarios

Whatever your scenario, the AX Hybird PRO Series offers the right solution for you with flexible physical wiring. This amazing system has fewer limitations anywhere it’s installed, and ensures exceedingly reliable performance. 


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