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We help professionals meet common and unique challenges with future-ready technologies. Automating security measures and business processes with AI and deep learning makes it possible to resolve otherwise complex issues or tedious jobs with minimal effort.


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Optimize business operations


People Counting technology uses AI to track patterns in customer traffic to tell retail business owners when to expect a rush of visitors and keep the crowd density always under control, while Queue Detection technology calculates how much time people are waiting in line, notifying the staff before a customer’s patience runs out.


Simplify parking management


Powered by deep learning, ANPR cameras capture vehicle license plates with high-sensitivity cameras for the sharpest rendering of letters and numbers. When installed at parking entries and exits, these cameras trigger automated responses to open or close the gate and notify personnel when needed, significantly improving parking efficiency in apartment buildings, office towers, business parks, etc.


Protect perimeters smartly


AcuSense technology minimizes false alarms triggered by headlights, falling leaves, and scurrying animals. Depending on users ' settings, it enables accurate trespass alarms for persons, vehicles, or both. Embedded either in a security camera or a video recorder, the technology uses a single AI chip to take perimeter protection to a whole new level. 

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