4 MP Radar and Video Vehicle Detector

  • Applicable to signal control system, traffic information service system, road traffic surveillance, etc.
  • Integrated with millimeter wave radar and 4 MP low illumination camera.
  • Multiple targets track detection and visualization in bi-directional 4 lanes with vertical coverage of 200 m.
  • All-weather workable, free of influences from rain, snow, fog, wind, dust, illumination, etc.
  • Embedded with deep learning algorithm, supporting smart recognition for license plate and target structuralization.
  • Information detection of multiple targets positions, lane, speed, direction, etc.
  • Multiple traffic data collection: statistics and uploading of different lanes, including data of traffic flow, speed, status, queue, time headway, space headway, number of parking vehicle in area, average delay, space occupancy, time occupancy, etc. in 1 to 3,600 s.
  • Traffic evaluation data output, including parking duration, parking times, and queue length.
  • Two virtual coils for each lane. Signal output of vehicle entering and exiting virtual coils. Positions of virtual coils are adjustable.
  • Defog, HLC, WDR, and multiple white balance modes, satisfying various scenes.
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