IR LED Strobe Supplement Light

  • Strobe supplement light, IR light source, 16 lamp beads
  • Aluminum alloy light body, fin-type radiator, and high light transmission with tempering glass
  • Infrared LED chips with long lifespan, good stability and high luminous efficiency
  • Professional optical design, light uniformity and distinct target spot
  • Infrared light design with built-in automatic light control, open at low illumination
  • Support camera false triggering protection, automatic protection initiation at the abnormal triggering signal and automatic recovery
  • Novelty design( small size, light weight), easy for installation and adjustment
  • Water and dust resistant (IP66)
  • Green environmental protection without harmful metal such as mercury and lead
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Available models:



  • Supplement Light
  • Light TypeIR light
  • Angle of Light10°
  • IR Wavelength850nm
  • Coverage1 lane(s)
  • LED Lamp Beads16
  • Center Illuminance800 mW/㎡
  • Effective Distance 16 to 25 m
  • Trigger Manner TTL level (switch trigger optional)
  • Trigger Level