Hikvision launches AX PRO for comprehensive wireless alarm solutions

Hikvision launches AX PRO for comprehensive wireless alarm solutions


September 7, 2020 – Hikvision, an IoT solution provider with video as its core competency, has announced its new generation of wireless alarm systems – the AX PRO – delivering comprehensive alarm solutions for residential and commercial applications.


Comprehensive and integrated wireless alarm system                                   

The newly launched AX PRO product family includes a compact panel hub for a wide range of detectors and peripheral devices, covering intrusion detection, video verification, smoke detection, flood detection, and home automation. Developed with installers and users in mind, the system can be configured according to a variety of needs. Installation complexity is minimal, and the end-user can easily manage the system with its intuitive user interface.


AX PRO panel hub with dual RF chip design

The AX PRO hub supports several protocols for wireless integration, allowing connection of up to 210 peripherals. The panel has been designed with dual RF (radio frequency) chips, featuring Tri-X and CAM-X wireless technologies, to block interference across channels and simultaneously enable high speed, reliable transmission of alarm messages.


Extensive range of detectors and peripherals options

Alongside the panel, Hikvision developed an extensive range of detectors and sensors, including combined PIR-Glass Break detector, safety detectors, door contacts, smoke sensors, and water-leak detectors.


An available wireless passive infrared (PIRCAM) detector detects infrared signals over a 12-meter range and collects snapshots of any moving object. With the PIRCAM, users can view snapshots of detected activity to verify alarm notifications. Alerts are received before intruders realize they have been recorded on video. The PIRCAM is equipped with LED Illumination for high-quality imaging in the dark.


Built with practicality in mind, Hikvision has created a wide range of peripherals to maximize user safety and assist with day-to-day activities. Devices include static and portable panic buttons, wireless LED keypads or ergonomic keychain fobs provide multiple control options to suit the user’s preferences.


Intruder Verification as a Service

The AX PRO hub panel can be linked to a customer's IP camera over the cloud or a sub-stream to initiate Intruder Verification as a Service (IVaaS). This service provides live video verification or 7 seconds of video recording for users to quickly and efficiently confirm alarm events in the system.


App compatibility

Users can easily stay connected with the AX PRO using Hikvision's proprietary Hik-Connect app. The app provides voice and video clip notifications for users and allows them to remotely control and monitor their alarm systems. The Hik-ProConnect app, also provides full configuration assistance for installers and enables them to offer cloud-based security solutions and services with customer’s authorization.


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