Keeping students safe on their journeys to school

Keeping students safe on their journeys to school

November 04, 2021


Ensuring students' safety at school is of paramount importance to every principle, school-district administrator, and parent. All of these stakeholders understand that kids spend most of their time at school – and that they need to be properly looked after. 


But what about the bus where many children's school day begins. For school administrators, it's imperative to know if the journeys go well and their bus fleet is on the right track. For parents, it's also natural to think that their kids board the bus on time and arrive at school safely. 


To keep children as safe as possible between home and school, a range of new technology solutions is emerging. These use smart capabilities such as AI to help protect students, bus operators, and to ensure that vehicles are safe and well maintained at all times. 


Ensuring every student gets on board 

The leading technology solutions for safety on school buses offer innovative on-board attendance capabilities. When students get on the bus, they can swipe their ID cards on a terminal and the record is uploaded to the security system's central platform right away. At the same time, a notification can be pushed to parents' mobile phones, informing them that their kids are safely on the bus. The best solutions of this type also generates attendance reports for school administrators to give them a granular view of student attendance. 


...and no one is left behind 

These kinds of solutions can also ensure that no student remains in the bus after the bus driver parks up after the school run. This is critical because children locked in buses during high daytime temperatures could be exposed to significant health risks. By combining smart video cameras with infrared technology, bus monitoring solutions ensure that no children remain onboard after buses have been parked. This can also be checked remotely, ensuring that children will be spotted even if drivers leave and lock the bus. In this way, these kinds of monitoring solutions support fast responses that minimize health risks for children. 


The bus is always on the right route 

The leading school bus safety solutions also allow school administrators to track the location of buses constantly, and to understand immediately if an incident has occurred. For instance, if a bus breaks down in half way, administrators can dispatch another vehicle to pick up the students and continue the journey. Likewise, GPS capabilities are embedded into the leading solutions, allowing alerts to be sent to an alarm monitoring center immediately when a bus goes off its usual course, allowing administrators to take immediate action to ensure children's safety. 


Looking after your drivers for even safer bus journeys

Even the best driver can have a health incident, which could result in a dangerous situation that jeopardizes the safety of both the driver and the students in the bus. Fatigue and drowsiness can also be significant risks to student safety, and these causes are responsible for a large number of traffic incidents and crashes each year. 


The latest bus security technology can help identify dangerous driving behaviours like fatigue and drowsiness, as well as smoking in the bus. In the event that such incidents are detected, an alert is sent to the monitoring center in real time, allowing security operators to communicate with drivers immediately via two-way audio. 


Enter Hikvision


Hikvision security solutions for school buses offer all of these security measures. Our solutions also offer the highest levels of reliability, both for triggering incident alarms, and for supporting real-time communication between security operators and bus drivers. All of this helps to ensure student safety on the trip to school, as well as allowing school administrators to manage their entire school bus fleet efficiently, through a centralized monitoring platform.  


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The Hikvision solution is already trusted by many educational establishments worldwide to keep kids safe. One example is the Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman’s National Charity School, who equipped their 100 school buses with Hikvision security devices to ensure safe transport across a large school district. The solution has been an immediate success, standing up well to the harsh environmental challenges of vibration, dust and changing temperatures. Most importantly, it proved itself by keeping children safe, which is what our school bus solutions do best. 


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