How Dubai Land Department provided security for all visitors and employees with cutting-edge technology by Hikvision

How Dubai Land Department provided security for all visitors and employees with cutting-edge technology by Hikvision

October 13, 2021

To ensure the safety of its employees and visitors, the Dubai Land Department, who handles all matters of legalization for sale and purchase of land, and approves, organizes and documents real estate trading operations in Dubai, must constantly observe its premises and entrance. Hikvision provided them with a smart-video solution to help them improve security and access control.


The security challenge: keep visitors and employees safe in a more efficient way

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) assists all of its customers by organizing and supporting real estate investment and sharing industry experience, as well as working to develop the necessary legislation to allow Dubai's real estate sector to grow.


DLD’s top priority was the safety of the site’s visitors and personnel. It is challenging for a single security guard to stay on top of an entire parking lot, which sees numerous cars arrive and leave throughout the day. The stress of finding a parking space can cause people to drive in the wrong direction or park wherever they want, even if it means blocking other vehicles.


For everyone’s safety, it is critical to maintain sufficient social distance and limit the number of visitors inside the building, especially nowadays. Furthermore, a comprehensive overview of the interior of the building is needed to ensure that it is appropriately managed. The Dubai Land Department wanted a complete system from a single provider that could be easily operated by authorized personnel.


A comprehensive Hikvision solution

To ensure the safety of visitors and employees, the Dubai Land Department installed a Hikvision site-wide security system. This includes all of the cameras and control room equipment required to protect the area around the clock.


Over 200 Hikvision cameras with various functions and types were deployed as part of the solution. These are used to keep track of the indoor general area, parking area, outdoor perimeter and building entry point. Hikvision used 4MP Moto Varifocal Bullet Network Cameras with excellent low light performance powered by DarkFighter technology for the outdoor perimeter. The cameras are also dust and water resistant, which comes in handy in the UAE, where high humidity and sandstorms are common.


Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology is embedded into cameras at the entry and exit with a gate barrier to enhance security and make parking more efficient. If an unauthorized vehicle enters the premises, the ANPR system will identify its license number and raise an alarm.


Over 100 4 MP Powered-by-DarkFighter Varifocal Dome Network Cameras were installed indoor. The cameras support high quality imaging with 4 MP resolution. A Dual-Lens People Counting Network Camera are used to avoid overcrowding. It offers a high accuracy and video processing resolution combined with excellent people counting solutions. Calculating the numbers of visitors who enter the DLD building throughout the day.


The Dubai Land Department has installed a unique P1.5 LED display solution from Hikvision. Customers may now enjoy a rainbow of colors thanks to the 22-bit top grey level, which offers a larger range of color grades and temperature options to suit a wide range of scene applications.


It’s difficult for one or two security personnel to manage the entrance for all employees and visitors. However, the Minmoe 'Touch-free' access control system, which is implemented with QR code and mifare card module, and integrated with Emirates ID card, makes daily routine more efficient and secure.


The benefits: operational efficiency, cost reduction, and improved customer satisfaction


The outdoor and indoor security cameras increased visitor and employee safety while also increasing operational efficiency and reducing operating costs. With the help of the people counting cameras, DLD can now precisely match the number of staff required during peak period to custom demand, thereby improving service, and then reduce staff during slower periods to save on operating costs.


By deploying the Hikvision access control system, DLD’s security team is able to manage the entry and exit of people to and from the building easily, reducing workload and saving time for the security team.


With the LED display products installed, DLD is able to show customers informative and enjoyable content, keeping them entertained while they wait. This greatly improved the customer satisfaction rate.



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