Hikvision wins the prestigious Innovative Achievement Award at the 2019 Detektor International Awards

Hikvision wins the prestigious Innovative Achievement Award at the 2019 Detektor International Awards


Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video security products and solutions, has been awarded the Innovative Achievement Award for its Thermal & Optical Network Turret Camera at the 2019 Detektor International Awards in Sweden.

The prize is in the category Alarm & Detection. Of the Hikvision camera, the jury said: “Through a combination of smart analytics, thermal and optical technologies, Hikvision succeeds in offering an impressive solution for early detection and optimum performance”.

Marcel Wiechmann, Thermal Products Manager at Hikvision Europe was present at the ceremony to receive the award. He said, “Hikvision is excited to receive this accolade. Our innovative Thermal & Optical Network Turret Camera was launched in July to empower security teams to stop a fire before it’s truly started. It’s also very cost-effective with such advanced fire detection. We’re delighted that this product has been so well recognized by the security industry.”



The award winning Hikvision camera DS-2TD1217-2/V1 enables rapid indoor fire detection through bi-spectrum technology, which captures images using both thermal radiation and visible light. By displaying optical and thermal images together through image fusion or picture-in-picture, the camera helps safety personnel to quickly pinpoint the source of a fire. Importantly, the camera also triggers an alarm once the temperature goes higher than a user-set limit – potentially allowing personnel to prevent ignition or combustion.

In addition, the camera contains a built-in GPU for running the Hikvision deep learning algorithm, in order to support indoor monitoring and advanced intrusion detection.

Equipped for double-duty – both fire detection and intrusion detection – this camera is highly recommended for indoor solutions, especially in application scenarios such as warehouses, museums, data centers, and offices.

About the Detektor International Awards
2019 marks the 20th anniversary of the Detektor International awards, which were established by security trade magazine Detektor International in the year 1999. The aim of the awards is to recognize and celebrate outstanding innovations that advance the security industry.

This year’s award ceremony was held on November 19 at the security industry banquet of the Stockholm International Fair, in conjunction with the SECTECH seminar and exhibition in Sweden.


About the DS-2TD1217-2/V1 Thermal & Optical Network Turret Camera
For more information about the camera and its features, visit https://www.hikvision.com/en/products/Thermal-Products/Security-thermal-cameras/Turret-series/DS-2TD1217-2-V1/

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