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The Western Railway – Baroda/Vadodara Junction, Western Regions, India



India’s Western Railway is one of the 17 zones of the country’s railway systems and is among the most-traveled rail networks in India. The Surat Railway Station, for example, is one of the busiest among the Western Railways where more than 160 trains pass each day. This segment of the immense railway network is headquartered in Baroda, now also known as Vadodara, a few hours south and east of Ahmedabad in Western India. 



The railway has some 150 remote installations for the railway’s signaling systems. Located alongside the tracks about every 5 km, there is a battery hub that powers each of these standalone systems. Recently, in many places, the powerful batteries have been stolen, causing train signals to malfunction, which threatens travelers’ security and leads to stoppage of the trains as personnel wait for confirmation of safety signals.


It is nearly impossible to secure all locations 24/7 by way of personnel alone. In many locations, chances of theft and damage seem to be inevitable. Jignesh Shah, system integrator for Mehulendra Corporation, was called upon to stop the theft of the batteries. Major security concerns over human life, assets, and property loom, not the least of which is securing the battery system on which the signaling depends. Maintenance of the various systems at remote locations was also a significant concern. 


Railway administrators wanted to monitor all sites at head office located in Baroda, and the standard solutions on the market – where CCTV and alarm systems are separate – could not meet their requirements for this project. Mehulendra, however, proposed unique Hikvision technology, demonstrating its all-in-one, integrated solution. More than that, since the after-sales service was an equally important consideration, Hikvision’s joint venture company in India, Hikvision-Prama, helped to secure this solution as the best one available.



What Mr. Shah and Mehulendra Corporation proposed was an Intrusion Monitoring System (IMS) for Railways. This would make use of Hikvision’s integrated security alarm system using the all-in-one Security Control Panel, a powerful device that packs multiple features into one accessible unit. Basically, the security hardware needed at each signaling station included an integrated security control panel, video security cameras, door alarm components, and a 4G SIM-based, four-port router. Finally, Hikvision’s video management platform would tie the operations together for personnel at the head office.


The control panel (model #DS-19508N-04F-I) ties together intrusion detection, two-way audio, and mobile messaging; it can be managed remotely using an app on a connected mobile device. The panel can host up to four IP camera inputs and provides PTZ control as well. Hikvision’s 1.3 MP Fixed Dome Network Camera (model #DS-2CD211OF-I) were chosen for their 24/7 monitoring capabilities, including 30 meters of IR range for night time security and on-board micro-SD card digital recording. Doors at each station were wired with alarm contacts and connected to a 109 dB siren. Panic switched were also installed for personnel to use in emergencies. The internet router keeps the systems connected across the vast Indian landscape and enables the automated SMS messaging via mobile apps to alert nearby personnel of security needs. 

After the successful completion of the pilot project (complete installation at one of the stations), the client was satisfied and gave the green light for installation in the remainder of railway locations. Timeline for the completion was 1 month. Since no major challenges stood in the way, MC was able to successfully complete the project as required. 



Menhulendra installed the Hikvision all-in-one panels, all with motion sensors and smart cameras. The smart cameras are triggered by movement. Using a phone dialer and GPS SIM card, a triggered panel sends an SMS alert to the nearest RPF staff who can respond with security protocols during the security event. After initiating the security systems, reports from the installation sites show robbery attempts have declined to almost zero.


“The Integrated Solution from Hikvision has helped us not only to get a perfect solution with a combination of hardware and software, but controlling & maintaining the same from one location,“ says Mr. Jignesh Shah of Mehulendra Corporation. “Additionally, it is a hassle-free solution, easy to install and use, with intrusion detection, CCTV, sensors, and hard drives all coming from one vendor along with software to manage and control the system from a central location.” 


In addition, this project was submitted to IFEC India Awards 2018, and won the award: Excellence in Security Technology Implementation.



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