Hikvision: Helping to Keep Ajman’s Growing Community Safe


When developer AQAAR in the Emirate of Ajman wanted to protect some 120,000 occupants across thousands of its buildings, they sought out a cutting-edge AI-driven video security solution. Hikvision’s heritage of delivering video security made it an obvious choice for this substantial installation.


The challenge: maintaining the safety of residents in a flourishing Emirate

In the emirate of Ajman, the leading real-estate developer is AQAAR. AQAAR’s construction projects represent 90% of all developments in the region, and include more than 200 towers and buildings, over 18,000 apartments, five hotels, two schools and a university. More buildings are still under construction.


This burgeoning portfolio of buildings provides housing, work and recreation for some 120,000 people and counting. And AQAAR recognizes its duty to keep these locations safe. “Our aim is to become the safest community in the UAE,” says Ghaleb Jaber, Executive Director, AQAAR. “We want to prevent crime, and to help people to continue to live and work peacefully in the buildings that we construct. To support this, we needed a specialized provider that was capable of delivering a cutting-edge, 24 hour networked video security solution featuring tens of thousands of cameras.”


The Hikvision solution: proven to deliver video security

During AQAAR’s search for an ideal video technology supplier, Hikvision stood out from all the rest. “Hikvision products are excellent: the intelligent AI-based technology was exactly what we were looking for,” says Ghaleb Jaber. “But just as importantly, Hikvision demonstrated excellent credibility in deploying large-scale video security projects of this type.”


Solution overview

Working with the AQAAR team, Hikvision and its partners designed a comprehensive AI-based video security solution comprising at least 50,000 cameras.


The majority of these are Hikvision 2MP IP cameras. These AI-enabled cameras offer a wealth of intelligent functionality, such as perimeter protection, and are being installed throughout all public areas and buildings. They are also installed at construction sites to help prevent theft of expensive building materials.


The AQAAR solution also features 2,000 Hikvision ANPR IP Cameras installed at the entrances to the parking lots of Ajman’s hotels. These use Automatic Number Plate Recognition to ‘read’ a car’s license plate, and will only lift the barrier to authorized vehicles.


For added peace of mind, AQAAR chose to install a network of Hikvision Under Vehicle security Systems, for automatic security checks at key locations. Furthermore, the AQAAR team chose the Hikvision 16 Channel NVR for video recording, coupled with the Hikvision iVMS-5200E Centralized Management System in the control center.


Benefits: safer people, a safer Emirate

At the time of writing, Hikvision had installed some 40,000 cameras out of the full suite of 50,000. “For public security installations such as this, we always adopt a multi-phase approach," explains Mohammed Barakat, Account Manager for Hikvision MENA.


“The first phase is the hardware installation. Phase two involves setting up the Centralized Management System, and creating one main control room that unites all video feeds. Then at phase three, we will switch on the AI capabilities of the cameras. This will unlock their intelligent features such as intrusion detection and facial recognition.


“Some of this, such as the intelligent parking management, has already been enabled. But which other capabilities AQAAR chooses has yet to be decided; it will depend on the needs of the urban planning and its residents as the project unfolds,” Mohammed explains.


With the end of the installation now in sight, Ghaleb Jaber at AQAAR is eager to test the full potential of Hikvision’s proactive, comprehensive security solution. “We look forward to exploring how all elements can work in harmony together, to help AQAAR ensure the safety of residents and workers as our development continues to grow.”

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