Hikvision provides Morocco's BMCE bank the central piece to the solution

With over 620 nationwide branches, BMCE bank of Morocco is one of the nation's leaders in banking services. So, when BMCE decided it was time to build their new state-of-the-art headquarters in the city of Casablanca, one of the first calls went out to the leader in worldwide hybrid DVR manufactures: Hikvision.


The Brain

In order to secure this new facility, which just recently opened in spring 2012, a careful consideration of a number of tangent factors was made. Among these were a variety of different security cameras that number well over a hundred units, a wireless locking system for the building's 50 glass doors; and security-specific software that allows management to integrate this overall solution. It was immediately apparent that the quality, and type, of DVR was paramount.


CST Sécurité, the installer contracted to provide this solution, knew this was a crucial decision. Not only does a DVR serve as, in effect, the brain of the entire security; but a variety of customer-specific ramifications were also at stake.


Of primary importance was the desire of CST Sécurité to future-proof the solution. Currently, analog cameras are utilized at BMCE's new headquarters, but a gradual change to IP-based cameras is projected in the future. To ensure a problem-free transfer, CST Sécurité chose Hikvision’s DS-9016HFI-RH Embedded Hybrid DVR. This decision was due to the DS-9016HFI-RH's reputation, as well as its hybrid functionality – allowing the use of both analog and IP cameras. This decision provides excellent performance today with existing analog cameras, and promises excellent performance tomorrow with future IP technology. Furthermore, Hikvision hybrid DVR technologies, such as "Hot Swap" (allowing convenient storage disk transfer options) and “Raid” (for fault tolerance and enhanced performance), provided BMCE with a further level of confidence that Hikvision is the security way to go.


Another factor was the high number of cameras utilized. The DS-9016HFI-RH easily accommodated this need with its 16-ch 4CIF, 8-ch 720P real-time IP video input and 16-ch synchronous playback, while simultaneously providing excellent resolution with H.264 video compression.


Further impacting these discussions were a number of practical issues: such as the fact that among the many cameras already in service, not all of them were manufactured by Hikvision. These obstacles proved no match for the DS-9016HFI-RH's functionality and adaptability. Further accentuating this adaptability, training required to learn the full operation of this hybrid DVR was minimal; including all DVR-specific tasks and the integration of other solution components – such as access control and alarm features.


A final technical consideration was the Moroccan government's requirement that video be stored for three months. This was easily accommodated with Hikvision's proven hardware, allowing each hybrid DVR unit to support up to 8×2TB of memory on its hard drive.


The Future Now

While the concept of future-proofing often contains a long-term connotation, for BMCE this future has already begun.


Impressed with the overall performance and quality of Hikvision technology, BMCE has already ordered, and installed, the DS2CC192P(N)-IR5 Analog IR Bullet camera to upgrade existing box camera units. While these new Hikvision cameras are placed both indoors and outdoors, the primary catalyst for this change entailed improving picture quality in areas that are susceptible to lower light levels – yet additional Hikvision value proved irresistible.


While infrared technology provides clear images regardless of particular lighting conditions or specific time of day; units placed outdoors are also assured to stay fully functional with an IP66 protection rating. And although Casablanca is noted for its mild Mediterranean climate, BMCE can confidently bank the DS2CC192P(N)-IR5 will handle whatever nature can throw at it – thanks to a guaranteed functional-operating temperature ranging between -10 oC  to 60 oC.


While the doors of BMCE's brand-new headquarters just opened, executives are able to sleep well at night with the assurance that Hikvision is on the job – protecting the company and its new facility.

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