Hikvision announces its Webcam debut

Hikvision announces its Webcam debut

June 1st, 2021 – Hikvision, an IoT solution provider with video as its core competence,  announced the launch of its new webcam products to the global market. The Hikvision webcam product family currently comprises four different series – Ultra, Pro, Live, and Value – designed for various scenarios and user groups, each with bespoke feature sets. 


According to industry analyst firms, the global live streaming market is expected to continue growing significantly the coming years. The increase in video streaming among citizens and businesses in all verticals is reported as the main driver for market growth, with content creators diversifying their material and activities, and connecting with audiences in new ways. In addition, complete and partial lockdowns during the COVID-19 crisis also positively impacted the live streaming industry. 


To provide immersive video conferencing and streaming experiences, users need webcams that deliver high-resolution imaging and excellent-quality sound in a range of scenarios. Hikvision has designed and developed its new webcam range to meet this need.


Webcams for a range of applications and scenarios


Hikvision Ultra and Pro webcams for remote conferencing 

The Hikvision Ultra series of webcams are specifically designed for remote conferencing. The highlight of this video conference camera series is its pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) control capability, which offers 5x optical zoom capabilities. This means users can see meeting presentations or discussions without straining their eyes. Additionally, PTZ control allows users to pan across 330°, helping them adjust their viewing angle easily and not miss a thing.

Hikvision's new webcam range also includes Pro webcams for remote conferencing. These conference webcams are ideal for business professionals, offering an outstanding, immersive sound and video experience, with a sleek design and an elegant, anodized finish. Pro webcams offer an Auto Focus feature and built-in dual-microphone, ensuring that audio and video is always crystal clear during presentations, conferences, or group discussions.

Hikvision Live webcams for live streaming

The cube-shaped Hikvision Live series of webcams is designed for live streaming, eCommerce, and gaming applications. If a product is being presented in a live program, for example, the webcam view can be changed  horizontally and vertically, thanks to magnetic mountings on all four sides of the casing.

These webcams also offer Sharp Auto Focus, which helps ensure that images of people and objects are sharp and clear at all times. The Hikvision Live webcams touchable supplemental LED light feature enables users to adjust brightness in accordance with the surrounding environment.

Hikvision Value webcams for online education

The Value series is Hikvision's range of entry level webcams. These have a compact design, making them perfect for online education applications that connect school teachers and students.

The webcam comes with a built-in microphone, which incorporates advanced algorithms to reduce noise and improve sound quality. Its wide-angle lens provides maximum coverage, with no image distortion. This is particularly useful for teachers giving lessons in a classroom, where both the teacher and the blackboard, or wall-mounted screen, can be viewed clearly in a single frame.


Easy and flexible installation

All Hikvision webcams are driver-free, offering ‘plug-and-play’ installation via a standard USB interface. This allows users to begin conferencing or streaming in seconds. 


All Hikvision webcams can also be flexibly mounted on users’ equipment, on tables, laptops, monitors, or tripods. 


Hikvision webcams are equipped with a dedicated PC-based client software, called HIKIN. Users can use this software for video previews, and to configure image and sound parameters. Hikvision webcams can be used with all the leading third-party conferencing platforms with video parameter configured using a simple drop-down menu. 


Contact Hikvision for more details about Hikvision webcams

All Hikvision webcams are delivered with a standard 2-year warranty, giving end users reliability and peace of mind. 


To find out more about Hikvision webcams, and how they can meet your specific application needs, visit our product page, or contact us today!

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