Back to business with lower risk thanks to temperature screening

Back to business with lower risk thanks to temperature screening

6月 11, 2020


As businesses in many countries around the world reopen and resume operations, people are getting back to work and back to their daily routines. また、今日のテクノロジは現実の世界で役立つ実用的な方法で適用されているため、私達の安全、健康、保護をこれまでに増して簡単に保つことができるようになりつつあります。


Using a non-contact temperature-screening solution is one current measure being used to quickly spot individuals with elevated skin temperature (EST). This detection method is designed to help initial screening of EST, and combines with the use of medical equipment to further verify symptoms. This method also reduces manual testing time and safety risks to those involved in the detection process. 


Temperature screening cameras have now been widely adopted by organizations and business across the globe. Some of the most typical use-cases are found in airports, hospitals, offices, and manufacturing and logistics facilities, which have seen tremendous benefits using thermal technology. 


Hikvision helped customers build the first line of defense

Hikvision’s Temperature Screening Solution, made up of various products and a wide range of applications, is designed for the detection of skin-surface temperatures to achieve rapid and safe initial screening in public areas. Its flexibility means it can be used in a multitude of scenarios. 


Hikvision’s thermographic cameras are used by customers from multiple industries around the world, such as at ports of entry and high-traffic locations, including Charles De Gaulle airport  in France, Brasilia Airport  in Brazil, Ikazia Hospital  in the Netherlands, Cambridge hospital  in Canada, Chaudhary Group Industrial Park  in Nepal, Toyota Industrial Park  in Canada, Vancouver liquor store  in Canada, and so more. 


Temperature screening will remain important for reopening and resuming businesses of all types. In some countries health authorities and regulators are taking a very cautious approach to deployment of temperature screening cameras, and it is advisable referring to the current local guidance before any deployment of this solution. In case of the U.S., the latest specific guidelines released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), temperature checks are encouraged at entrances for employees returning to work. It’s all part of the increasingly common measures employers are now putting in place to guard against a second wave of the pandemic. 


More than that, Hikvision’s temperature screening cameras integrate into security and access control systems in convenient ways that really work, with functionalities that include social distancing measures, crowd and traffic controls, mask detection, access control & employee attendance tracking, temperature screening, and more. 


You can learn more about thermal cameras with screening and get answers to all of your back to business questions on our related pages.



* Hikvision の温度スクリーニング製品は公共空間での迅速な事前対応的なスクリーニングが実現するように、体表温度の検知を目的として設計されています。実際の深部体温は、臨床測定機器を使用してさらに確認する必要があります。いかなる状況においても、地域の法規制に従って、Hikvision の温度スクリーニング製品を使用することを強く推奨します。



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