PM Q&A: De ce să alegi sistemul de alarmă wireless AX PRO ca măsură de securitate pentru casă și afacere?

PM Q&A: Why choose Hikvision’s AX PRO wireless alarm system to protect your home or business?

mai 18, 2021


Hikvision’s new AX PRO wireless alarm system allows you to respond to security breaches 24x7, while also minimizing false positives. To find out how it delivers “simplicity through innovation” we asked Hikvision product manager Shawn He to tell us more about AX PRO products, their unique features – including ‘dual tech’ intrusion prevention – and how they help businesses and home owners protect both people and property. 


Q: Is the AX PRO wireless alarm system reliable enough to support all home and business security scenarios? 


A: Yes, it is, and it’s thanks to a combination of fast, reliable, secure wireless transmission technologies and alarm detectors that adjust their sensitivity automatically according to external conditions such as temperature and humidity. In particular, our wireless transmission technologies use dual-chips and channel hopping across 50 frequencies to ensure that signals are never blocked and that alarms are triggered reliably every time. 



Q: It is said that the AX PRO wireless alarm system reduces false positives. How is this possible? 


A: There are three main ways that the AX PRO wireless alarm system reduces false positives. First, Hikvision Intrusion Verification as a Service allows cameras to broadcast photos or video images to customers – allowing them to confirm if security breaches are genuine and take appropriate action. Second, wireless detectors in the range incorporate technology that automatically adjusts the sensitivity of the alarm based on external factors – such as temperature or humidity, ensuring that alarms are not triggered unless there’s a real security threat. 


Third, but equally importantly, the AX PRO wireless alarm system includes several ‘dual tech’ detectors that use more than one technology – say, infrared plus a video camera. This means that situations that would normally cause an alarm to trigger can be cross-referenced with the other technology in the sensor and identified as something innocent, with fewer false positives as a result. 



Q: Shawn, can you please explain which types of alarm detectors are included in the AX PRO wireless alarm system?


A: Yes, of course, there are five main types of alarm detectors in the AX PRO range: motion detectors, door opening detectors, glass-break detectors, shock detectors, and environmental detectors that trigger alarms if walls, doors, or windows are hit hard and potentially damaged.



Q: Can you give us an example of how an AX PRO ‘dual tech’ detector improve reliability and reduce false positives compared to a ‘single tech’ detector? 


A: Yes, one example would be the AX PRO PIRCAM motion detector. This detects infrared signals over a 12-meter range, but also collects snapshots of any moving object. With this detector, you can look at the camera images to verify if there’s been a real security breach – or if something else like a passing pet or falling leaves have triggered the alarm. With the PIRCAM, you sometimes get an alert even before intruders realize that they have been recorded on video, and the unit is also equipped with an LED light for high-quality imaging in the dark. 



Q: Are there other features of wireless detectors in the AX PRO alarm system that make them particularly effective? 


A: Yes, it goes without saying that dual-tech detectors require more sophisticated capabilities in terms of data transmission and we’ve addressed this with a new ‘Dual RF chip’. This incorporates both Hikvision Tri-X technology for alarm transmission, and Hikvision Cam-X technology for dedicated, high-speed image transmission. Obviously, Cam-X is only needed when the detector incorporates a camera – as is the case with the AX PRO PIRCAM for example. 


There are a couple of other cool features worth mentioning about our wireless detectors. First, they have an effective range of 1.6 km, which means they can be deployed in sites of all types and sizes. They also offer end-to-end encryption to protect your data and privacy, and they offer signal hopping across 50 different frequencies to side-step signal jamming and other attempts to take them offline. I almost forgot, our wireless detectors are also extremely energy efficient and have a battery life of around 5 years, so that’s another great feature. 



Q: Installing and configuring alarm systems can be difficult and complex for customers. Is this also the case with AX PRO wireless alarm system? 


A: Actually, no, not at all, installing and configuring security solutions built on the AX PRO wireless alarm system is very easy indeed. You start by installing the hub and scanning the QR code on each detector. Detectors can then be turned on, and they connect automatically to the AX PRO hub. All detectors can then be configured quickly and easily using a mobile app to choose the sensitivity level you want, the number of images you want to take in the event of a security breach (if the detector has a camera), and so on. 



Q: Some alarm detectors are hard to open when you need to conduct a routine check or change out the batteries. Is that the case with AX PRO products? 


A: I’m glad you asked that – I get this question all the time, and the answer is no, it’s actually very easy to get into these units if the proper tools are used. Some units use standard screws to hold the two halves of the casing together, and these are easy to remove with a standard screwdriver. I recommend taking the screw out halfway, though, which is enough to release the casing without losing the screw! With the other detectors in the series, you can simply insert a flat-ended screwdriver between the two halves of the casing and prize them gently apart. It really is that simple. 


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