Empowering logistics companies with all-encompassing visibility

Logistics is one of the most critical parts of supply chain management for businesses around the world. Today’s logistics operators are facing increasing challenges to maximize productivity and performance while reducing risks and costs.

As a leading global provider in IoT innovation, Hikvision helps logistics companies enhance overall security and optimize operations in all aspects with video-based and AI-driven technologies.

In addition, we provide visualized dashboards, empowering operations and management with all-encompassing visibility. Read on to learn how our logistics solutions can work for you. 


Hikvision' s warehouse management solution completes the puzzle of warehouse management with intelligent video capabilities and AI technologies. From improving comprehensive onsite security, enhancing park traffic management, and optimizing dock scheduling capabilities, to monitoring and documenting the conditions and movements of all goods, we have got you covered! The security and efficiency of loading docks, inbound and inventory areas, sorting and parking areas, and more, are all under control with our top-notch solutions.

Optimize dock operations with powerful tools and insightful data

Powered by Hikvision’s high-end intelligent dock camera with tailored algorithms, Hikvision’s Dock Management Solution enables situational awareness of each dock and the goods going through them all day long. Visualized and quantified records help warehouse managers and carriers improve vehicle and resource allocations, and achieve maximum efficiency and minimal loss.

Key benefits:

  • Complete video recording and quick merchandise search 
  • Comprehensive views and video rec