Discover Hikvision’s latest advances in corrosion resistance

Corrosion is a pervasive challenge that can affect our daily use of electronic devices and the operation of industrial machinery. By developing the next generation of anti-corrosion cameras, Hikvision provides more options for users in different industries to meet their security needs in corrosive environments. These anti-corrosion cameras excel where conventional security cameras can easily fail or have a shortened lifespan.

With advanced anti-corrosion technology and design, these outdoor IP cameras ensure longevity and optimal performance, extending their utility to marine or industrial settings. 

Read on to see how these cameras offer better durability and performance.

Prezentarea avantajelor

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  • Next-gen material, abundant choices

    • Special polymer tailored to resist corrosion, with excellent strength/weight ratio and ease of use 

    • Professional anti-corrosion cameras available in a variety of designs and form factors